Who wouldn’t want a big house full of kids and joy, and fun? It is the dream of any man and woman, who have ever wanted to have a family. There aren’t many family-oriented people, who if given the money, wouldn’t want to have a lot of kids and a nice big house and everything. After all, our innermost instinct is not the self-preservation one, but rather the passing on of our genes. This is why we feel the bond to our family, we feel like sacrificing ourselves in order to save our loved ones and most importantly – our children.

Sadly though, even when we accomplish this dream, often comes the time when we get old and suddenly we are alone in a big house, that doesn’t feel like home anymore, but rather like monument. A monument to a lost life that is not coming back. A monument to the passing of life, to the feebleness and the desire for connection of every human being. From a place of fun and joy, it turns into a place of distant memories and nostalgia.

We have found that many people want to steer clear from that. Whenever they grow old and their children leave to pursue their own destiny, many elderly people find it better to move to a smaller house, just to escape the idea of living with the memories of life long gone.

But the fact remains that it is hard for them to move by themselves. First of all, moving isn’t an endeavor that even every healthy person can deal with. Many people are not capable of moving by themselves, let alone the elderly. This is why we have the Senior Move Management service. We understand that some people need an extra hand or ten, and we are here to provide the help necessary. But we do not only deal with the moving – we help through the entire process. We sort through cabinets, we take care of packing, we go through every item with the person and figure out of it is necessary to be moved or can be given away, or thrown away.

If the person wants to sell the house, we also help him do that. We can arrange a house cleaning service, a charity pickup for unnecessary things. Whatever else you may need help with, we are here to do it for you. Our service is extensive and done by caring people. We want to help you and your loved ones move.