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Licensed numbers: ILCC : 184599 US.DOT: 2428328

We know that the work of the government is important and no time should be wasted. That is why we from H2H Movers are the perfect choice. We strive to be as efficient as possible in every relocation that we carry out. That includes thorough planning and swift, but careful execution of the service!
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Proud to Serve

Here at H2H Movers Chicago we are proud to provide our services to the needs of our government and its personnel. We offer specifically tailored services for any government entity. We have experience with such moves in the past and can help you once more. Just give us a call if you have any questions!

H2H Movers Chicago Will Take Care of Your Government Move

Helping Personnel of Every Government Entity
H2H Movers Chicago offers its moving services to any government entity. We are proudly serving our country’s heroes by providing help with military relocation, no matter if the relocation is temporary or PCS. We have years of experience and always strive for excellence. We are operating with understanding and discretion.

Planning Your PCS Move
There are a lot of steps you need to think of when it comes to a permanent-change-of-station move. They can take month to plan and we are aware of that. H2H Movers will be there to every step of the process – we will handle the packing, and you can trust us that we will be extremely careful with your belongings.

We Cover The Entire Moving Process
Moving includes a lot more than you think. This only becomes apparent once you start planning it. However, in order to save you time, worries and hassles, we are here to help you out at every step of the way. Our customer support staff will advise you on planning, while our professional Chicago movers will execute the process thoroughly – from packing and disassembling furniture, to unpacking, ordering and furniture arrangement.

Different Services for Different Needs
We know that every client we have, including government bodies and personnel, has different needs. This is why we allow for a lot of flexibility in our services. Do you want to do the packing yourself? You are free to do it! You just need packing supplies? We are here to help you out with them! Whatever your needs are we can tailor our services according to them.

Great Care for Your Items

Since we value the belongings of all our clients, we have gone above and beyond the provide the best safety for them. We use high quality packing supplies, sturdy moving boxes, specialty boxes for fragile items and more. With them we have gained the reputation of some of the most reliable Chicago movers!

01. Safe handling of your items.

Your items are important to you, and we will take great care in packing and unpacking. We use high quality packing supplies, and our team understands that your belongings are important to you.

02. Experience with long distance moves.

If your assignment takes you from one end of the country to the other, we have it handled—on every aspect of the move. We never hire another company to handle one end of the move. Our own trained professionals will take care of getting your items from one location to another.