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When moving a big musical instrument, such as a piano, it is incredibly important to pick a company that has experience with that type of work. The instrument is delicate and needs special moving techniques in order to keep it safe and sound. Our Chicago movers are here to offer their expertise in that!
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Get Your Musical Instrument Transported with H2H Movers Chicago

Piano Moving Requires Expertise
H2H Movers is aware that sometimes there are things that require a bit of finesse when it comes to moving. That is very often the case with bulky musical instruments like pianos. We have a moving team specially trained in moving such instruments, as we want to cover any moving need you may have. We can also help you with other big and small instruments by providing proper moving services for each.

Get Our Affordable Services
We have a low hourly rate and this also applies to piano moving. There is a one time fee for a “bulky object”, for which you receive four well-trained piano movers, with proper equipment to carefully pack and wrap your piano. It is greatly important for us to make sure that your musical instrument is transported without a scratch. To make things even more secure for you, we also have full insurance.

Why Careful Piano Moving Matters
While pianos are definitely expensive instruments with a lot of intricate details about them, there is another aspect to them that makes transporting them safely all that more important. We are talking about the sentimental value that they have, and the fact that most pianos are true pieces of art. This is why it is so important of the moving crew to know what they are doing, in order to avoid any damages to the precious instrument.

Different Piano Sizes Are No Issue For Us
Some piano movers only have 2-person teams for moving pianos, so they are able to help with the smaller variants of these instruments. However, our professional Chicago movers can handle even bigger instruments, because we usually send out teams of four. That way you can be absolutely sure that whatever the size of your piano is, we can take care of it without worries.

Why does careful piano moving matter? 

With H2H Movers, you can rest assured that your piano is in the best possible hands. Our trained professionals can move your piano with the proper care it requires.