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Experienced Movers

When it comes to moving, you should always pick the company that invests in its employees. That means they value the client and strive to do the best job possible. This is of great importance in senior move management as well. This is why here at H2HMovers we hire experience movers and train the new recruits!

An All-Inclusive Service

There are many movers Chicago that can help you with your move, but only a few will offer such an extensive service as ours. With us as your movers you do not simply get your items moved – you get an entire experience. We can pack, disassemble furniture, help you with ordering things and much more!

Top Notch Item Safety

It is important for all your items to be packed correctly in order to ensure their safe arrival at your new home. For this reason here at H2HMovers we use high grade packing supplies and materials, which help us keep your belongings protected at all times.

Affordable Services for Our Clients

We believe that each service we provide should be carried out with complete attention to detail, care and proficiency. However, that does not mean we have to charge a lot for it. As Chicago movers it is our goal to first offer value to our clients first. For this reason our services are affordable as well!

What Is Senior Move Management?

We Are Here To Help Seniors

Throughout the entire life, there are many transitions, but the most significant one is the transition from a home, where you have many memories. With the time, downsizing is a decision that many seniors need to face. We are here to help with all the changes, making sure it goes smooth and stress free.

Client-oriented Services

H2HMovers specializes in customizing our services for each individual client. We develop personal relationships with each one to make sure they know they will be cared for. We will take into account all complicated issues that can make a move overwhelming for seniors. At H2HMovers we have only one goal – eliminate the stress and anxiety of a move by coordinating every detail, while being mindful of the unique needs of older adults.

Let Us Help You Manage Your Move

Even though moving can be a stressful experience, we are here as movers Chicago to help you out with it. Our goal is to reduce that stress as much as possible and take on the burden of managing the move. We will determine the crew and van size needed; arrange your furniture as you want it; hang pictures, draperies, small shelves and order books; connect phone, TV and other electronic devices; and everything else to help you move as smoothly as possible

Leave The Preparation To Us

It is no secret that moving involves quite a lot of preparation. This is one of the things that many seniors are concerned about. Do not worry, we are here to aid you! We will help you with sorting through your items if necessary. We will take photos of furniture arrangement, shelves and everything else, so we can recreate it in your new home. We will help you change utilities, forward mail, and even assist you with staging and contacting a realtor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Move Management

Do you disconnect appliances?

We do not. You have to get an electrician or a plumber to disconnect your mounted appliances.

Will the movers and/or packers arrive on time?

We are on time for morning jobs. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee on time delivery for afternoon or evening jobs as we do not know how fast we complete the morning job, unless we arrive there. We do our best to have an hour window in between the jobs so if we are late, we are still on time to complete everything.

Are you “insured and bonded”?

We are insured and bonded. However, Chicago movers are not required to have bonds nor should they advertise one. When you see “insured and bonded” it automatically means the company is not licensed, nor insured or bonded. They don’t know what that is and therefore post it. We do have a bond because we also do senior move management, and it is required.

Do your rates include the truck?

Yes, our hourly rate includes the truck and it is included in the quote.

Do you disassemble and assemble the furniture?

Our Chicago movers have all the necessary tools and equipment to disassemble any furniture and put it back together.

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