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What are some of the limited liability?

➢ Due to the lock of structural integrity, H2H Movers Inc. is not liable for damages that occur to any furniture made out of pressed wood or particle board.
➢ H2H Movers Inc shall not be held liable for damages of items that exist prior to the move.
➢ H2H Movers Inc shall not be held liable for damages of items in storage that were placed by another moving company, for which we were hired to unload the items out from the storage.
➢ H2H Movers Inc shall not be held liable for damages to items due to refusal to protect them with blankets, shrink wrap, boxes, custom crating, and/or any other form of protection.
➢ H2H Movers Inc shall not be held liable for damages to a couch, wall, door-frame, or stairway if the couch we are trying to move is too big and does not fit properly during the course of the move.

Will I get a receipt of the charges?

Yes, you will receive a copy of the Estimate of Charges and Bill of Lading. Please keep it for your records and for tax purposes.

I am having a issue with the move-in building, can I store my items on the truck overnight?

Yes, we can store the items overnight on our truck for an additional fee. Please note, sufficient notice for this service is required. Please contact our office for more information and availability. For overnight storages, the time starts when the movers arrive at the job site and it ends when the trucks are parked at our parking lot. For the day of delivery, time starts when the movers leave the overnight storage location and stops when we unload the items. Two hours minimum labor apply to both days of the move. If overnight storage is not available, we can unload the items in a local storage facility until we have an availability to move the items again to your new residence.

Can I speed up the process by helping the movers with the loading and unloading?

For insurance and liability purposes, we only allow our movers to load and unload any items into and out off the truck. Nevertheless, you may pack everything to be ready when the movers arrive and place the items near the loading area.

What if my move takes less or more time than the estimate?

If the move takes less time than the Estimate of Charges, you will only pay for the time the movers have worked, prorated at 15 minutes increments. Please note, we do have 2 hours minimum on all labor jobs. If the move takes more time than the estimate, you will be required to pay 110% of the Estimate Changes when the move is completed and any amount over the 110%, needs to paid within 30 days. There are several factors that could lead into having a higher Bill of Lading, such as partial inventory list was provided, greater walking distance at the pick-up and/or the drop-off location, traffic between the origin and the destination, bad weather conditions such rain or snow, flights of stairs, unable to use an elevator, restrictions to parking, and other unanticipated factors.

Will my movers be on time?

All morning moves have a fixed start time and they will be on time. For moves scheduled in the afternoon and evening, we require a 2 hour time window for arrival. It is preferable if the items are ready to be moved 1 hour before the appointment. And also ask if the customer is free from any personal arrangements for 2 hours after the estimated time of completion.

What protection will the movers provide for my items?

➢ All furniture is required to be protected with blankets.
➢ All TVs, glass items, mirrors, and paintings are required to have custom crating, box, or bubble wrap.
➢ All mattresses and couches are required to be shrink wrapped.
➢ All fragile items are required to packed properly with paper or bubble wrap in boxes.

What are some important preparations I can do before the move date?

➢ Please reserve a parking spot at both the pick up and drop off.
➢ Please reserve an elevator time, with the management, for both the pick-up and the drop-off locations.
➢ Please empty all chest of drawers and place the content in separate boxes.
➢ Please disconnect all appliances and electronics.
➢ Please make arrangements to move all valuables, perishables, and flammables with your own vehicle.
➢ Please make arrangements to supervise the entire move and ensures that all items have been picked-up and dropped off.
➢ If you are completing your packing, please make sure that all items are protected with bubble wrap or packing paper with 1/2 inch cushion. All containers need to be carefully sealed, taped along every seam, and labeled with permanent marker on two sides and the top.
➢ For all animal lovers, we love animals too, but please vacuum and remove any fur from the furniture.
➢ Please wipe dust off from any furniture and wipe, with a dry towel, the outside patio that could be wet.