Professional packing & unpacking by H2H Movers ChicagoMoving house, whether locally or nationally, may be stressful. Use our helpful moving suggestions to reduce the trouble and ensure safe and stress-free relocation. The H2H Movers blog is here to provide key knowledge when it comes to tips for moving, packing, types of moves, etc.

Our small guide down below can help you focus on the process better if you鈥檙e doing it on your own or give it to us and lay back.

Prepare in Advance

Packing in a hurry makes moving house even more stressful, and it can lead to negligence when packing more sensitive items.

Make a schedule and try to stick to it as best as you can, so you can have room to breathe as much as possible.

Get solid boxes

Your moving company will be able to offer you high-quality moving boxes. Alternatively, get a moving kit from a home improvement store or an internet box supplier; do not use grocery boxes or local dumpsters, as they are made for specific products and are insufficiently robust for larger household items. Here’s a helpful list of moving box varieties.

Create an inventory

Label all boxes by number, the room they will go to in the new house, and a basic description of what they contain. On a separate sheet of paper, write down everything in every box. This simplifies unpacking and is essential in case any boxes go missing.

Pack Smart

To save money on your move, pack as much as you can into as few boxes as attainable. Consider plugging in holes with towels and clothing, which also serve as excellent insulation. Don’t construct boxes that are overly heavy; hefty boxes are more difficult to handle, drop, and break.

Pack Fragile Items Firmly

You do not want fragile stuff rattling about in boxes and breaking. Use bubble wrap, towels, or garments to keep breakables secure in their crates. Put heavier goods into smaller boxes.

You should have a variety of box sizes. Heavy items, such as books, should be packed in smaller boxes to make them simpler to lift and avoid the boxes from breaking.

Roll your clothes into sausages before packing. It will take up far less space than folded clothing

Ensure you can discover the components

When disassembling anything like a bed or table, place the components in a small plastic bag and glue it to the object so they don’t get misplaced.

Assembling can get pretty tricky if all bolts end up missing and you wait around with half a bed and a wardrobe without the doors.

Pack Safely

Any combustible or poisonous objects should be disposed of and not stored within boxes where they may be exposed to extremes of temperature, or stress – for example, toxic cleaning chemicals, bleach, propane tanks, and more.

Pack a Box of Handy Items

You don’t want to have to search through boxes to find your favourite towels once you’ve moved into your new house. Pack a box with items you’ll need or desire before you start unpacking properly, such as a kettle, tea, coffee, cups, cleaning supplies.

Make sure that kids and pets are taken care of

Always make sure that before moving, your kids and pets have somewhere to stay. The stress of moving can impact animals and little kids, so to omit that, try to find some type of activity to do.

Find a good moving company

The H2H Movers are dependable and professional movers with an established track record, and can give services and assistance at every step. If you’re moving soon and need a reputable moving company, contact the H2H Movers now.

With that said, we hope that this small guide to your moving can help you and ease the process during moving. For more moving content, check out the H2H Movers blog every week for new guides and interesting articles. Happy moving!