What to not pack when moving in ChicagoOur small guide can help you figure out what not to bring when moving to Chicago, whether you鈥檙e moving on your own or you have contacted professionals such as the H2H Movers. The H2H Movers team will help you with your entire move from start to finish.

And without further ado, let鈥檚 see a list of all prohibited items when moving in Chicago.

Dangerous Substances

During the relocation process, cleaning supplies, gardening chemicals, and other potentially dangerous things present a serious risk. These things are dangerous and illegal to transport in a moving vehicle since they are frequently combustible or caustic. Hazardous items you should never pack are paint cans, fireworks, aerosol cans, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, lighters, and more.

Use these things or properly dispose of them rather than packing them away. Hazardous home garbage is collected by specialized programs in several municipalities. Never put intoxicating chemicals on the ground, down the drain, or into sewers. Always abide by local laws.

Foods That Go Bad

Perishable food in your freezer and refrigerator might leak, go bad, and draw bugs, so it’s best not to pack it while moving. Never put fruits, veggies, dairy, meat, frozen food, and others on a moving truck to prevent spills, offensive smells, and potential infestations.

Plan your meals to ensure that you eat as much perishable food as possible before moving in order to cope with these items. Additionally, you may give non-perishable, unopened food to your neighborhood food banks. On the day of your relocation, properly dispose of any perishable food in your usual garbage or compost it.

Valuable Items

Even though it can sound strange, it is not advised to bring valuables. Although the chance of loss or damage during shipping is very small, expensive or irreplaceable things are not worth the risk. Valuables such as vintage items, artifacts, and art should not be placed in moving boxes.

Keep valuables with you during the transfer, if possible, and ideally in your own car so you can keep a careful eye on them. Don’t pack them. Try a safe courier service or get additional moving insurance to protect goods that are too big or numerous.

Important Documents

You should also bring personal and important documents with you when you relocate. Losing these documents might put you at risk of identity theft because they can be hard to replace. Furthermore, you could require them when moving to your new residence. Documents like medical, financial, educational records, birth certificates, social security documents, etc can not be left freely in a moving truck.

During your relocation, keep these papers in a location that is both safe and convenient. To keep these important documents safe, you might want to consider investing in a portable fireproof safe. As an alternative, destroy and trash any old tax returns and bank statements that you no longer use in order to avoid hanging onto important documents.


Plants are delicate and sensitive to changes in their surroundings, so moving them can be challenging. To stop the spread of illnesses and pests, several jurisdictions have laws prohibiting the importation of specific plants.

If at all possible, move your plants in your car or think about hiring a professional plant moving service rather than packing them with your other possessions. If you’re relocating a long distance, find out what the laws are in your new state before you relocate and distribute any forbidden plants to friends, neighbors, or community organizations.