Moving is less stressful with a good moving companyH2H Movers is a business that takes the necessary care of your stuff and has the right attitude toward you. We use the finest and friendliest movers Chicago has to offer to ensure your comfort and trust with us. Whether you are moving to the suburbs from the city or between two neighborhoods, expert assistance is always appreciated, and our moving business is ready to satisfy your demands. Not only can we load, unload, pack, and unpack your items but we can deal with very large and heavy furniture, too.

We can assemble and disassemble it without any damage and you can sit back and relax. However, if you feel like you can try and deal with the heavy stuff yourself (not recommended), we have some tips down below.

Adjustable Moving Straps and Remove the Back from Recliners

Moving and lifting straps (“hump straps”) reduce the strain on your back while carrying heavy furniture and other things by focusing on stronger muscle regions such as your legs or shoulders. They also free up your hands to move uncomfortable things such as beds. However, they might be difficult to operate up stairs because the weight is totally transferred to the downhill mover.

Look for moving straps that may be modified to accommodate different types of goods and movers. Be cautious not to trip over.

To transport furniture, you must first be able to disassemble it. To transport large recliners with ease, position the back brackets on the outside or inside of the back frame. To remove the back from the chair, lift the locking levers on the two sides (long-nose pliers may be required) and slide it straight up. Always raise a recliner from the sides, not the back or the footrest. Tie the footrest so it doesn’t pop open.

Take Apart Anything You Can, Use Ramps, and Use Stretch Wrap

When carrying a sofa through a doorway, keep in mind that you may always reduce its size by removing the feet. The same idea applies to any piece of furniture you want to make sleeker or lighter. Remove any and all knobs, shelves, and racks.

Ramps are handy for almost anything you want to transport. They can assist you get things up and down stairs, into and out of your vehicle, over bumps, and so on. To assist moving goods, you may build a ramp out of timber, scaffold planks, and blocks. Alternatively, if you’re continually loading and unloading items, it may be worthwhile to invest in some equipment.

Secure the appliance doors, wires, tubing, and other things with some moving bands or stretch wrap rather than tape. Tape can damage and leave residue.

Use Furniture Sliders, or Make a Sling

Furniture sliders assist minimize friction, allowing you to glide heavy items over the floor rather than carrying them. Home shops and online retailers provide furniture sliders in a variety of forms and sizes. For carpeting, use hard plastic sliders, whereas for hard floors, use soft, carpeted sliders.

Trying to lift a hefty, floppy mattress anyplace is difficult. Many mattresses have handles, but they aren’t designed for hauling. They’re designed to assist you lay the mattress, so they’re not particularly robust. Here’s a simpler method to transport a mattress. Create a rope sling that will allow you to have far more control.

Thread the rope through the mattresses’ handles. Slip a 5-inch length of 1-inch PVC pipe over the rope ends, then loop and knot each end to form a comfortable sling grip. Roll the mattress so that the sling is on the bottom, and you’re ready to go.