Chicago's Skyline Secrets Insider Tips for a Successful MoveMoving is a long and hard process that needs organization and some advice to guide you along the way. With that said, we have created a small how-to guide on moving with six useful tips for you to follow.

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Dispose of everything and book early

Packing everything you own into boxes, bags, and other containers might be stressful. Make things simpler for yourself by reducing clutter as much as possible. Before you pack a single box, go through your belongings and get rid of everything you don’t need. You’ll have little to pack, move, and unpack, and you’ll be able to start over in your new location.

If you’re hiring movers, renting materials, or involving specialists like painters or cleaners to work on your home, make your reservations early. Waiting might result in paying a greater fee or not being able to acquire a truck or movers at all, especially during the busy moving season.

Schedule utilities for your new residence and buy boxes

Once the dates have been set, contact your utility suppliers to schedule service at your new house. You don’t want to arrive exhausted after the move only to discover that you don鈥檛 have running water and the house is freezing. Schedule it ahead of time and keep track of your requests. At the same time, request that your present home’s service be turned off on the day you move out.

When packing books for moving, place them or other heavy goods in tiny boxes; light items, such as linens and pillows, can be placed in larger ones.

Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, don鈥檛 leave empty spaces, and avoid mixing items

Place heavier goods on the bottom of boxes and lighter ones on top. If you鈥檙e loading the truck yourself, place the heaviest boxes first, near the front for balance.

Fill any empty spaces in the boxes with clothes, towels, or packing paper.

Also, avoid combining objects from various rooms into the same box. By avoiding it, you will speed up the packing process and make unpacking much easier.

Get your wardrobe in order and keep your essentials

There are several ways to pack clothes for moving鈥攆olded garments can be packed in cardboard boxes, suitcases, or even left in the dresser (provided the furniture isn’t too heavy to transport!). Hang your clothing in a unique wardrobe box that allows you to hang them directly.

When packing shoes for relocating, you should keep them separate from one another. Wrap shoes individually to prevent sharp heels or buckles from causing damage to other shoes, as well as to protect dirt from one pair of shoes from contaminating the rest.

You may stuff socks inside shoes to help them keep their form.

When packing jewelry, you may use recycled materials- for example, string necklaces through toilet paper rolls to protect them from tangling.

Don’t forget to pack everyday necessities鈥攃lothes, a toothbrush, toys for the kids, prescriptions, papers, and so on鈥攊nto a suitcase or backpack that you’ll keep in the vehicle. If disaster occurs and the moving vehicle is lost, you’ll have some necessities with you.

Moving expensive art

Understand how to properly pack artwork for relocation to ensure its safety. You should never wrap oil paintings in normal paper because they will stick. When packing photos for moving, put an X with masking tape over the glass to reinforce it and keep it together if it breaks. Then, wrap the photos in paper or bubble wrap and place them in a frame box, with a piece of cardboard between each artwork for security.

Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents

This will make your movers understand where each box should go in your new home. Keeping an inventory record on your phone or in a notebook and numbering each box helps maintain track of it all and ensures you have everything.