Exploring Chicago Neighborhoods Before Your MoveChicago is filled with life and exciting places to visit, so this guide is the perfect one for you to get to know the city.

Down below, we have gathered some of the best local secrets to neighborhoods in the city to make you want to move there as soon as possible.

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Without further ado, let鈥檚 check out Chicago鈥檚 good spots. Happy reading.

Uptown and Lower West Side Neighborhood

When it comes to the Uptown neighborhood, it鈥檚 all about the nightlife and jazz plus you get a place with loads of history.

You can also get delicious banh mi from this awesome little place called Ba Le Sandwiches. It鈥檚 filled with sandwich specials with exotic smoothies filled with tapioca.

And if you鈥檙e looking at the Lower West Side neighborhood, this is the cultural spot for those who love going to museums, having picnics at the Dvorak Park, and going to Little Italy for a day.

At the Lower West Side, you can get quality ice cream in the Big Bros Ice Cream in bars, cones, sandwiches, and cups.

Loop and River North Neighborhood

The Loop is filled with fantastic things to do from delicious restaurants to attractions, the Loop is your place.

First of all, for those who love art, you should go to the Wabash Arts Corridor which has lots of murals on alleyways and buildings. There are different influences intertwined and you can even rent a bike and finish off your trip to Aurelio鈥檚 for some steaming pizza.

Also for good coffee, you can go to Hero Coffee Bar or explore the Chicago Art Institute South Garden for some Midwest and Italy experience.

If you鈥檙e interested in the River North neighborhood, you can find many restaurants and shops there.

For a little night fun, you can visit the music and lounge venue called Untitled. Have some Old Fashioned or Manhattan and have a great time.

For some Italy-inspired night, you can visit the Cave filled with good dining and drinks, great music, and a wonderful atmosphere.

Wrigleyville and Lincoln Square Neighborhood

Wrigleyville is home to the second oldest ballpark called the Wrigley Field. It has many bars, restaurants, and buzzing with life even outside of baseball season.

For some good entertainment, you can go to the Music Box Theatre for some midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show showings, movie screenings, and sing-a-longs.

You can even see some classic movies or modern ones, so keep your eyes peeled for a new announcement.

And if you express interest in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, there are lots of specialty shops plus boutiques.

You can find great books and good wine in the Book Cellar where you get to interact with a bookish community while sipping some merlo.

Portage Park and Bucktown Neighborhood

Portage Park is the Polish neighborhood of Chicago and it has a great park and you can visit the National Veterans Art Museum filled with art by veterans.

You can also try some delicious Chicago-style hot dogs there by the Hot Dog Box. It鈥檚 very cozy with lots of tabletop activities for the whole family.

And if you have interest in the Bucktown neighborhood, you can visit their great little cafes and music venues plus loads more to explore.

Go to the Red June Caf茅 and grab some quality coffee plus delicious food and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

Hermosa and St.Ben Neighborhood

Last but not least we stop at the Hermosa neighborhood and you can try some quesabirria tacos with Tapatio sauce or some ramen bowls.

Then, you go to the St. Ben neighborhood and get some delicious German food and drinks at the Lashett Inn with its old feel and inviting ambience.

With that said, we hope that you love our small suggestions and contact the H2H Movers to move to the buzzing life and culture of Chicago. Let鈥檚 get moving!