Why Chicago Is the Perfect Place for Your Next MoveChicago is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the US. People of all ages and interests will feel at home and have the opportunity to experience this beautiful place.

So, when it comes to moving there and weighing the pros and cons list, you must be honest with yourself and think about what you look for, when it comes to a new place in your life.

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The small guide down below is meant to outline the reasons behind moving to a vibrant place like Chicago.

Good Dining, Affordable Rents, and Festivities

Dining in Chicago is pretty exciting as there are restaurants that range from vintage ice cream places to gourmet fine dining. You can find plenty of casual small restaurants with the most delicate and exquisite food.

Craving anything from a hot dog to classic empanadas, Chicago has your back.

Another great pro are the affordable rents which can run on the higher price tag since rents are rising throughout the US. To avoid paying massive rents, you shouldn鈥檛 look for places in areas like River North, West Loop, and Logan Square.

Last but not least, festivals are the thing to go to when good weather comes around and Chicago people get the party started. You can find small to big festivals dedicated to art, tacos, dancing, and lots and lots of day drinking.

Theater, Music, and Good Alcohol

If you are a fan of the theater, you can find lots of theater programmes and places like the Second City or the Lincoln Lodge and the Annoyance.

You can also visit the Goodman Theatre and the Steppenwolf Theatre or go ahead and see a Broadway production in the Loop鈥檚 Theatre.

Music and alcohol are other good selling points for Chicago. This city is home to house music and blues and jazz artists. Large musical festivals like Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, and Pitchfork Music Festival became staples in the music scene.

Chicago also has lots of small clubs, big arenas, and music venues filled with artists from around the world.

And when it comes to alcohol, Chicago has lots of great breweries, especially when it comes to craft beer. There are also plenty of wine and cocktail bars.

Architecture and Culture

Many of America’s most recognizable architects and city planners have worked in Chicago, which has a mix of classic Prairie School structures, neo-Gothic skyscrapers, and modern designs like Jeanne Gang and Helmut Jahn. Take an architectural tour immediately after you move here to get to know the city and its history, or go to Oak Park for a lesson in Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.

At Chicago museums, there’s always something new to learn and explore, and it’s a nice bonus of living here. Visit Sue, the biggest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found, then go next door to view the penguins and whales.

With that said, we hope that our guide has given you some clarity and knowledge on what Chicago is truly loved for.

Stay tuned for more content here on the H2H Movers blog and contact the movers to get a date for your big Chicago move. Happy moving!