Moving to Chicago: A Seasonal GuideSeasons are a big factor when it comes to moving to a new place or thinking of buying or renting a home. Each season has its own pros and cons and in our little guide down below we have brought together all seasons and why or why not to move to Chicago.

If you want a little helping hand, our movers at the H2H Movers can help you with loading, unloading, packing, unpacking.

Doing it alone is also an option but to avoid incidents and broken items, we suggest that we give our movers a go and watch the process with a cup of coffee.

Spring and Summer

Spring is one of the best seasons for moving because the weather is just perfect without any extreme heat or cold. It鈥檚 a popular time to move in Chicago but you can still find plenty of slots available as opposed to summer.

It鈥檚 also a good time to get some discounted furniture or items thanks to the many thrift stores and yard sales held because of people doing spring cleaning.

However, spring is when construction season begins in Chicago, so lots of road closures can cause delays and your move can have some hiccups along the way.

Then if summer is the season for moving for you, keep in mind that summer in Chicago is great but finding movers can be very tough. Many people move in summer and you might not get the best deals. However, you get long days, if you have kids you get the school break to move and not worry about breaking off the school year.

Last but not least, summer in Chicago is great for getting to know your community as there are lots of events and festivals.

Fall and Winter

When it comes to fall, the weather in Chicago is really nice with cool and mild temperatures which can be quite comfortable for moving. Usually moving companies are more flexible because of the low demand, so you can get moving dates and viewings with real estate agents faster and according to your schedule.

If you are looking for buying or renting, you will have fewer renters and buyers so there will be more time for decision making.

However, fall tends to be unpredictable because of the cold and rain that comes up every now and then and days become shorter, so moving has to happen quicker. Take into consideration schools if you have kids since they will have to move just as the academic year has begun.

With winter on one side, the competition is down to zero since very few people search for movers or new places to rent or buy. Therefore, the negotiation can go smoother thanks to the slow market and you can get great deals.

The same is with moving companies since they offer great discounts during winter thanks to the low demand. This can save you quite a lot which you can put towards your new home.

On the other side, winters in Chicago can be brutal and this can lead to a hazardous moving process. The day is short and you should start very early in order to finish up by sundown and take into consideration any potential icy roads or storms that can cause delays.

Last but not least, note that the curb space will be limited thanks to the snow, so parking the moving truck can get tricky and be careful of slippery driveways, sidewalks, and stairs. Try to shover and melt as much snow and ice as possible around your house.

We hope that this little guide was helpful and we look forward to booking your dates and moving your house. May your new chapter of life begin.