Move to Chicago with H2H Movers companyWhen having pets, it can be tricky to handle them when the time for moving comes along. Luckily for those who wish to move to Chicago, there are numerous benefits for dog and cat owners and they will feel at home.

Other than giving you tips and tricks for good neighborhoods and pet services, we also have some tips on handling your pet during the moving process as it can be very stressful.

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Tips on Handling Your Pets During Moving

Lots of pets love playing with supplies like boxes or tissue paper, so it鈥檚 good practice to start packing early and get rid of all boxes.

You can store the boxes in a separate room if you have a few weeks before the actual move. Just pack your less-used items in the boxes and leave them open so the pets can get used to them and not sniff around and cause chaos.

Try to not change your routine so your pet doesn鈥檛 get stressed out as much. During moving your daily walks might change as well as the feeding times or playtime. Try to have a routine as animals like dogs and cats are creatures of habit and any prolonged disruptions in their daily life might give them anxiety.

Keep them entertained with extra walks or games to enhance their minds with tasty treats and lots of hugs and kisses, of course.

You can even create a special space for them with piles of your old clothes, shabby boxes, and toys, whether in a corner or a small closet, your cat or dog will feel better residing there.

Last but not least, you should get in touch with your vet about vaccination dates, regular check-ups and blood samples, stress-reduction supplements, copies of medical records, and advice on any new tests that could be needed.

Also, pet-proof the home by securing all doors and windows, mending any fences, closing the toilets, removing any poisonous plants or traps left, and hiding any electrical cords. Cover all vents and keep your eyes peeled.

Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago

Moving to Chicago can be exciting but when you have a furry friend, it can be a bit worrying about places there that are suitable for pet owners. Below are some suggestions on good neighborhoods in Chicago for pets (mostly dogs).

Lincoln Park and Montclair

Lincoln Park is a gorgeous area on the North Side and there you can find the city鈥檚 biggest park a.k.a Lincoln Park. It鈥檚 a beautiful place for your pet to run and play not only in the park but in open spaces like Wiggly Field. Wiggly Field is the biggest off-leash dog park in Chicago.

Montclase is another good suggestion, filled with vets, parks, and pet stores including the best animal hospital in Chicago- Montclair Animal Hospital.

West Loop and Rogers Park

Other good pet-friendly neighborhoods are West Loop and Rogers Park. For example, West Loop has a dog park called Skinner Bark Park which allows your pet to play and meet new furry friends. You can find many pet shops, trainers, dog groomers, and vets there.

Rogers Park is also a good spot with its many green spaces, bars, beaches, and parks like Loyola Park, Leone Beach Park, and more.

Pet Services in Chicago

Last but not least, down below we have some small suggestions for veterinarian clinics and pet shops.

Animal Ark and the Animal Care Center of Chicago

Animal Ark is the best pet clinic for cats and dogs, working 24/7 with a surgical facility and diagnostic equipment. This place is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, spreading on solid 4,100 square feet, it鈥檚 comfy for both pet owners and pets with cozy waiting rooms and private visiting.

Animal Care Center of Chicago is another great vet clinic that caters to dogs, cats, and exotic pets. It has services for tracking allergies, dental issues, grooming, fleas, and more.

List of the best pet shops in Chicago

Bark N’ Bites

Jameson Loves Danger

Doggy Style Pet Shop

Bark Place

Paw Naturals