Chicago Neighborhood Guide for New ResidentsChicago has tons of great neighborhoods to choose from that can be favorites for people of all ages. With its beautiful parks, fun events, and local shops, each neighborhood has a character you will love.

Our small guide on Chicago鈥檚 top neighborhoods can give you a rundown of all pros and cons for the most loved parts of the city.

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The Loop and Streeterville

The Loop is a neighborhood in downtown Chicago with massive parks, shopping and dining destinations, and lots of cultural attractions. You can enjoy your day with some coffee and a walk to the Art Institute鈥檚 North Garden in Grant Park and do some shopping since this place is the ultimate center of Chicago. Millennium Park and Cloud Gate are also good spots to visit.

All the train lines make a loop in the neighborhood, so you have access to all transport stops.

You can get a sense of a lively atmosphere but it can get quite crowded and touristy, so keep in mind that.

Another lively part of Chicago is the Streeterville neighborhood which is pretty close to the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan.

This place is located on the North Side of Chicago and it鈥檚 close to the Loop so you get both a less noisy residential living and all the good spots of The Loop.

Streeterville is good for working professionals thanks to the high rise building and the big city feel. Note that if you like running, the Lakefront Trail is very close.

However, the neighborhood is quite noisy, it鈥檚 pricey and it can get very touristy at times.

River North

The River North neighborhood is another popular one and perfect for younger folks. It鈥檚 located along the Chicago River and it has homes like condos and high-rise buildings, so you can choose your favorite type of living space.

The atmosphere is quite upbeat and it offers its residents lots of museums, galleries, and good dining like Pizzeria Portofino. Nightlife is also very dynamic.

However, for dog owners, there aren鈥檛 many parks but the Riverwalk trail is close and along the river for those refreshing walks.

Note that this neighborhood can be quite crowded and noisy, especially at night.

Gold Coast and Old Town

Last but not least, we look through two polar opposite neighborhoods which are the Gold Coast and the Old Town.

The Gold Coast is a classic, luxury neighborhood which is close to Lake Michigan. It鈥檚 best known for its brownstone homes and streets out of a Hallmark movie. It鈥檚 a good place for those who can spend more on luxury condos and apartments alongside luxury shops like Versace or Prada.

The Gold Coast has some beautiful architecture thanks to the gorgeous 19th-century houses on the Astor Street District.

Note that the cost of living is high and pet owners might be restricted in terms or property rules and lack of green spaces.

On the other hand, the Old Town is home to tradition and it has some pretty famous comedy clubs like the Second City or Zanies Comedy Night Club. This neighborhood is located between River North and Lincoln Park. It鈥檚 good for folks of all ages with its cute restaurants, boutiques and bars. You can choose between brownstone houses, condos, and apartments.

Note that the neighborhood is not ideal for families with younger kids and it can be noisy in some places.