How to Coordinate Your Local Move by H2H MoversCoordinating your local move can be a hassle if you鈥檙e a first time mover and you don鈥檛 exactly know what to do.

The approaching moving date can be nerve wrecking, you might feel doubts, stress, and feeling overwhelmed but that鈥檚 fine.

This is why, we at the H2H Movers, strive to give our best as professional moving companies to lessen the tension and bring in peace. We give a helping hand with packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and caring for your items.

But if you decide to do the moving on your own, we have a small guide down below with tips and tricks for you. Keep reading!

Plan Early, Create a To-Do List, and Find a Sitter for Pets/ Kids

The best way to go about this is to plan early and decide whether you鈥檙e doing a DIY move or you鈥檙e hiring professionals. Start off early by researching professional movers, renting trucks, asking friends for help, and plan out everything essential to kick off the move.

Create a to-do list in a notebook or on your phone and put in everything from a final vacuum cleaning, leaving your landlord the keys, doing final walkthroughs, and more.

Whatever comes to your head, write it down immediately before leaving your old home and starting to load boxes.

You must also get someone to watch your pets or kids when you鈥檙e away. You can ask friends or hire a babysitter for the kids and a pet hotel for the pets.

An extra pair of hands is always welcome in such a chaotic process.

Make an Essentials Bag, Get Sandwich Bags, and Learn Proper Lifting

You should get an essentials bag with everything that you need like wallets, important docs, phone charger, medications, some clothes for changing, and more. Whatever else you need to add, do it immediately before you forget.

A great tip is getting sandwich bags to put in small pieces from the furniture or screws. Label the bags and keep them together to know which parts go for what furniture.

You must also practice ways of proper lifting, so you don鈥檛 injure yourself. If you feel like something is too heavy, you must get some help.

It鈥檚 better to handle moving safely than end up in the hospital. Make sure you lift with one or two friends at your disposal.

Get Refreshments, Photograph Utility Meters, and Do a Good Walkthrough

When moving you need to get some refreshments like water, some chips, candy bars, fruits, energy drinks, and more. You must have breaks for recharging and snacks like protein bars and sandwiches can boost you up.

Then you need to take a photo of your gas and water meters, so when you get the final bills you will know whether they鈥檙e right or wrong.

Finally, do a walkthrough to check all cabinets, closets, and outdoor spaces. See if you left everything the right way and make sure that everything gets on the truck when moving.

With that said, we wish you happy moving and if you need a helping hand with handling your local move, you can call the H2H Movers team.

Our team is happy to help with your struggles and make moving the most relaxing experience as much as we can.

If you need movers for other moves like long-distance moving, business moving, and more, check out the H2H Movers website for more details.