Professional Packing by H2H MoversWhen it comes to packing before moving, it could be quite stressful, to begin with. It takes a lot of effort and time to pack and sort through everything in the best way possible.

If you have trouble packing on your own, you can always count on the H2H Movers to pack and unpack for you. The professional movers team has high-quality packing materials and they can handle all of your belongings with great care.

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If you can do it on your own, then the guide down below is for you and how to conduct the packing process. Enjoy!

Before Packing

Before you start packing, you should make a checklist of all tasks, moving supplies, and activities that you need to go through. Such a list can serve as a timeline for all tasks like changing utilities, taking inventory, and more.

Making a checklist of the inventory in order to omit any possibility of forgetting something is very important.

Taking inventory is done by listing all of your stuff by priority and quantity and the number of boxes, from fine china to kitchen appliances.

Such a list keeps track of all of your belongings before being packed away.

For such a step, decluttering your stuff helps a lot. You must get rid of all broken and old items, books you won鈥檛 read again, old clothes, and keep what鈥檚 usable and sentimental.

Last but not least, you can think about finding a good movers company like H2H Movers that can help you out with prioritizing and packing your life before moving it away.

Packing Materials and What to Pack Checklist

Creating and packing materials list and what to pack the first list is essential.

When it comes to the packing materials list, you should take boxes, packing tape, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, plastic bags, labels, scissors, cleaning supplies, stretch wrap, and more.

For moving tools you should get a rental truck if you are not using a movers company, dollies, moving blankets, cargo, and lifting straps. Get ramps, bungee cords, a trailer if needed, furniture sliders, and a mattress cover.

And now let鈥檚 head to what needs to be packed first from your items.

Storage Items, Extra linens, and Out-of-season clothing

Storage items should be first in line when packing since they are already in boxes somewhere in your garage or attic somewhere.

Next in line are closet supplies like linens and towels which should be packed away early in the preparation for moving. Save yourself time folding and arranging the thick linens and towels.

You can even use them for padding for some boxes, so they can come in handy and not only take up space in the moving truck.

Out-of-season clothes are another go-to when moving and preparing for it. Pack away all of those clothes and sort them through for anything old or not fitting anymore. Donate whatever you can and place the boxes on top of everything else. You won鈥檛 be wearing them anytime soon so packing them first is only necessary.

China dishes and Artwork

Fine china products must be packed early on by labeling the boxes as fragile and doing it very carefully.

Such intricate things like fine china are also artwork pieces, picture frames, and wall hangings. You should pack them first since they will go last on the walls of your new home.

If you have glass frames, you must choose good cushioning materials to prevent anything from breaking.

Trinkets and Books

Sentimental trinkets like jewelry or old journals are important to pack first since they can be hard to sort through.

This is a great process to figure out which items no longer hold value for you and to get rid of them.

Making space for other stuff is really important.

Books are another thing to pack first when moving since they will be the last to go on your new bookshelves. And you won鈥檛 need a quick read in the chaos of moving for sure.

Check out your book collection and see if you have anything for donating or returning to a library.

This is it! If you get through this list first, everything else will fall into place. Good luck!