Smart Ways to Move by H2H MoversHandling large and bulky furniture can be a pain. You can do it on your own or hire professional movers like the H2H Movers to give a helping hand.

Either way, the process can be hard and tricky but with good preparation and taking your time, you will succeed.

Down below we have some tips when it comes to equipment and lifting better without causing injuries. Stay tuned!

Equipment tips when moving bulky furniture

When we start talking about handling bulky furniture during moves, we can鈥檛 help but begin with some useful lifting and equipment tips and tricks.

You can either purchase or rent the needed equipment or use equipment from the professional movers you hire.

Just can contact our H2H Movers team for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and more when it comes to your moving date.

Some equipment you can start with when it comes to bulky furniture is moving straps which can transfer lots of weight from your back and arms and you can adjust them easily.

Furniture sliders and dollies are another great piece of equipment since the sliders can help lift the furniture pieces off the floor with ease. Sliders also provide a barrier for reducing scratches on your floor.

Dollies are essential and come in two varieties- a two-wheeled hand truck and a four-wheel square platform. Secure your furniture with a rope, so you don鈥檛 risk any damage.

Last but not least is to disassemble your furniture as much as possible. You can keep all small bolts and screws in bags and label them, so you can assemble your stuff easier later on.

Lifting tips when moving bulky furniture

The best tip known to humankind is to push and slide the furniture with as minimum lifting as possible.

If you鈥檙e lifting you should use your legs and not rely on your back. Just squat at the knees to lift and when you rise the weight will distribute on your legs and arms.

Also, don鈥檛 twist your body, and don鈥檛 do sudden movements since you want to avoid injuries.

You should also know where you鈥檙e going at all times, so you don鈥檛 fall down and tumble with the heavy items on your back.

The last piece of advice we have is to carry your furniture as close to you as possible. This way you keep your balance and involve your shoulders and arms when lifting and it鈥檚 way better than using your forearms for distributing the weight.

Make a Checklist

Once you arrive at your location, make a plan and a list when it comes to unloading your stuff.

Make sure that everything is at its place and maintain the focus whether you have professional movers or not.

Ensure that everything is out of the moving truck and ready to be assembled and placed in the right places.