Tips to Help You Move Long Distance by H2H MoversMoving long distances can be quite pricey, so figuring it all out on a budget can be a fantastic way to move and start your new adventure.

In this little article, we will go over some tips and tricks on moving long distance on a budget whether you are doing it on your own or with a moving company.

Stay tuned for more and we wish you a nice and safe journey to your new destination.

Finding a Good Moving Company or Renting a Truck

The first step is deciding whether or not you will hire a moving company. If you do, then you should gather some estimates and decide which one is more budget-friendly. Of course, budget-friendly can sometimes mean that the company might not be legit. So, be careful and look for reviews.

Choosing a moving company like the H2H Movers will be the best way to go about your move. Our team handles everything with care plus all of your belongings are nicely packaged, so the trip won鈥檛 damage a thing.

We can cater to each budget and situation, so you can rely on a stress-free move.

Another option is renting a moving truck to drive on your own and such a DIY move can cost significantly less than hiring a team.

However, this decision has its own pros and cons and as a big con, you won鈥檛 have the expertise of movers to pack and unpack your stuff the right way.

Going home and unloading a truck with damaged furniture and items can be disheartening.

Saving on Packing Materials

Saving on packing materials is the easiest job ever. Simply gather whenever and whatever you can before the move. When it comes to boxes, you can reuse old ones or ask around stores and giant supermarkets to give you some.

Ask your friends, neighbors or coworkers if they have some in storage, go to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to search for good offers.

You can also use items such as pillows, blankets, IKEA bags or old towels for wrapping, you can also store in hard suitcases, and more.

A good piece of advice is to try and pack most things on your own to save a bit of cash. Do it as sturdy as possible with loads of duct tape and bubble wrap.

Decluttering and Finding a Less Busy Moving Time

Last but not least, decluttering your house is the best option since the least items you own, the least money you will spend.

Donate, trash or simply sell your own stuff and soon you will have loads of space for new items or just try a more minimalistic approach.

You can also research which is the less busy time for moving and choose it for your moving date.

The best time is usually聽 somewhere between September and April and on the weekdays, so you can get the movers at the slowest time for moving possible.


We hope you enjoyed this small guide and look forward to your new home!