Preparing for a move in ChicagoMoving is one of the most exciting experiences and a massive source of anxiety and stress.

From setting up all utilities to hiring movers, organizing, packing, and unpacking, it all gets too much.

All of the stress can be removed by making the preparation process as smooth as possible, so down below we give you some good planning techniques. Keep on reading!

Gathering Supplies and Making a Timeline

The first thing you should do is to gather your packing supplies like packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and markers. You can also purchase some wardrobe boxes and dish packs to make it all easier.

Another good tip as you prepare your packing materials is to make a timeline of all tasks that need to be completed before and after the move. You can put in ones such as movers research, home decluttering, utility arrangements, and more.

Don鈥檛 rush the tasks but give yourself time and add in some more days for any unexpected situations.

Decluttering and Researching Moving Companies

Researching movers and decluttering is a must. Decluttering gets rid of everything you don鈥檛 want anymore. This process makes moving and packing easy and helps you start fresh once you decide which items are for donations, sale, the trash can or you will keep them.

Movers research is also important since you must get quotes from different companies and compare reviews, prices, and services.

Arranging for Utilities, Planning a Budget, and Strategic Packing

Other crucial parts of the moving plan are to plan a budget for insurance, rental trucks, cost of movers, packing supplies, and more. Make sure you have a good amount of money saved to cushion all expenses and any unexpected ones.

Arranging for utilities is another boring but important task and this includes everything like water, internet, electricity, and gas. Arrange their set-up as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute arrangements.

Finally, pack strategically everything from non-essentials to important stuff like kitchen supplies or bedding and label everything. This makes it easier to find once you start unpacking.

Taking Good Care of Yourself

The best thing we recommend is to take care of yourself during the process with good food, exercise, and rest.

To make it even less stressful, you can hire a professional moving company like the H2H Movers to give a hand with packing, unpacking, loading, and more.

Reach out to the team via their website and schedule your moving date.

Moving is quite challenging, so with good preparation and planning, you can create a timeline of tasks that suits you.

Your move will be successful without a doubt once you relax and organize it as early as possible.

With that said, we wish you a stress-free move and a great new chapter in your new home wherever you go.