Office Moving Checklist by H2H MoversThere is a time when your office needs to find a better location, so moving takes place. You might get panicked over all of the details, deadlines, and services that you need to hire.

Don’t worry since we have a ready-made checklist down below to ease your struggles if you’re doing it on your own.

Another option is hiring professional movers like the H2H Movers to load, unload, and handle all of the office belongings with care. Stay tuned for more!


The Scope of the Move and Checking Your Lease

The first thing you need to do is to determine the scope of the move, so you need to know when, where, and why you need to move and plan the strategy.

You must think about whether the move is long-distance, local or international, whether you are moving the whole office or a part of it, and more.

Also, when you will be moving keep in mind that you need to plan the relocation at least 6 months prior to the move.

Last but not least, you need to know why you are moving and once you identify the why, you can begin the process with a clear mind.

Checking your lease is another step and figuring out what you are responsible for when it comes to damages and changes to your current office.

Budgets, Moving Dates, and Hiring Professionals

The next thing on the list is creating a budget and sticking to it by taking in factors like build-out costs, security deposits, rent, costs for the moving company, and more.

After that, you have to pick a moving date and you need to figure out if it’s during busy seasons for movers so that you can plan ahead.

The next thing is picking and hiring a moving team to handle your move, so choose carefully and get different estimates.

If you choose a company like H2H Movers, you will see your move happening with zero fuss and anxiety on your side and a professional and personal approach on their end.

Notify Employees and Clients

Notifying all clients and employees is essential since you can set up all security measures and any arrangements that have to do with work hours and schedules.

If your employees are going to help with the process, you can delegate responsibilities to assembled teams within the company.

Also notifying clients, service providers, and customers is a must in order to build better relationships with all of them.

You can set reminders on your social media, email, and company websites that you will be moving soon. Notify all financial institutions, post offices, and more.

Creating a Timeline, Inventory, and Packing Up

Creating realistic timelines and inventory of all of your stuff is a must when you are planning to move.

Creating an inventory helps you to estimate how many trucks you might need for everything and you will make your and your movers’ lives easier.

The next thing is packing up and labeling your boxes and getting ready for your next adventure.

We hope that we eased your mind when it comes to the moving and packing process and you have a great moving date.

If you need a professional team to rely on for moving and packing, call up the H2H team and they will handle it all.