Surviving a Long-Distance MoveLong-distance moving is a struggle especially if you are doing it for the first time. It requires a lot more preparation both within the planning and financially, too.

This is why we created a little guide on long-distance moving down below to highlight everything you need to do, so it all goes smoothly.

Of course, each situation is different but the suggestions below are the most common ones and they can be relatable to everyone.

Stay tuned!

Planning and Budgeting

You must plan at least 2 or 3 months when you decide to move and start doing the smallest tasks possible, so they don鈥檛 build up.

Firstly, start organizing any important papers like passports, banking docs, birth certificates, SS cards, password lists, and more. Transfer them to a binder and label the binder, so you know where everything is.

Start cleaning your house and sell or donate anything you don鈥檛 want.

List everything that has to do with maintenance to your current house and talk to a real estate agent about renting or selling your house.

Finally, look up schools if you have kids and generally the area for kid-friendly activities and parks.

Budgeting and saving money is another must when moving for movers, unexpected costs, hotels, flights, and more.

Note that if you have pets, you need to take in the sum you need for transportation to your new house.

Gas money is another expense to take into consideration alongside expenses for emergencies and more.

Hiring Professionals and Making Lists

Hiring professionals whenever you can like cleaners and movers. Cleaning is a tough job especially when it comes to doing it alongside moving.

You can hire specialists to do the cleaning for you, so you can save time in planning everything else.

Hiring movers is another big pro. Professional moving companies like the H2H Movers can handle everything with care and professionalism. From loading to packing and scheduling their time to your schedule, you will be stress-free.

Finally, making lists like writing down appointments, tasks, phone numbers, and more to keep organized.

You can list transportation tasks, cleaning tasks, flights, real estate agent meetings, meetings with landlords, and more.

We recommend keeping your head up and not stressing too much since this is just a phase in your life and it will go away. Keep your eyes on your new beautiful home that you are moving to and stay focused to get everything done in time. Otherwise, you will have a stressful experience and make it even harder than it is.

Long-distance moving can be a real pain especially if you haven鈥檛 moved yet or you don鈥檛 have experience with coordinating lots of people. If you hire professionals, you will feel the difference immediately, and moving will become a thing of the past.