How much do mover cost?When moving amidst all of the stress, you must take into consideration the price tag of the entire process.

When determining the price of the movers, there are various factors to take in. For example, whether you choose to hire a moving company or only a moving truck can play a massive role. The distance of the move is also a factor, so think about it wisely and check out our brief guide on moving prices down below.

Local and Long Distance Moving

When moving from one town to another that’s considered a short-distance move. The price depends on the volume of items, the size of your house, and how many movers are involved.

For local moving, movers can charge up to 50 dollars per mover, per hour. So if two movers come in for 4 hours, you will be charged up to 400 dollars only for the labor.

Other fees will pile up like transportation, gas, and materials.

When it comes to long-distance moving, the price tag gets more expensive as tolls, gas, lodging, and labor are included.

Long-distance movers can cost around 10,000 dollars depending on the company, the size of your house, and how much stuff you have.

For example, if we are talking about the most extreme case scenario, if the move is more than 2500 miles for a 4-5 bedroom home, you are looking at spending more than 9,400 dollars.

On average, when it comes to both types of moving, the low estimate for short-distance moving is 800 dollars and the high estimate is 2,150 dollars. With long-distance moving, you can spend from 2,200 dollars up to 5,700 dollars.

Ask if the company performs an in-person estimate and if a long-distance moving is part of their portfolio.

Special Types of Moving

With moving, comes another cost that has to do with packing and packers determine their price according to how heavy your stuff is, how many packing materials are used, and how many things need to be packed.

Note that if you pick full-service movers, your stuff will be packed and held for some time before unloading and delivering. So, keep any essentials with you like medication or documents.

Full-service movers are great when you want the job done, so hiring ones like the H2H Movers will make your life easier and your belongings and move will be handled with care.

Other types of moving include moving big items like swing sets and pianos, movers will charge you up to 2,000 dollars.

We hope that this guide helped you when figuring out how much professional movers cost. We wish you a safe journey when moving your home. And if you need any help, contact the H2H Movers right away.