Choose the Right Size Moving Truck RentalPicking the right size for your moving truck is very important since a lot of times, moving trucks look a lot bigger than they actually are. Sometimes your household items might start overflowing and at the last moment, you will find out they don鈥檛 fit in.

Moving is a tricky process that needs loads of planning in order to go smoothly and stress-free as much as possible. We suggest you use your time to plan instead of rushing it and regretting it in the end.

In the guide down below, we will go over some advice on how to pick the right moving truck rental for your next move. Stay tuned!

Consider Your Items and the Cubic Feet

Starting off is considering and calculating the truck rental size. Each truck can hold a certain amount of stuff and it鈥檚 usually measured in cubic feet.

Such measurements take in the open space of the storage area from the floor to the roof.

This automatically reduces the available cubic feet for many people because they can鈥檛 pack the truck this much.

Picking a larger truck than you expect is the best way to go.

The best way to size a moving truck is that you should think about is as 3 cubic feet of space per room. Let鈥檚 say a 24-cubic truck can hold about 8 rooms of items that you must think about if they are too big for this estimate.

Such measurements are based on a minimum for a room like having a chair, sofa, and a table for a living room. But what if you have a giant sofa plus a small one?

Make sure that you are aware of the items you will be moving so there are no last-minute surprises.

If you get a bigger moving truck, your move will be efficient and you will omit a lot of the stress.

Why It鈥檚 Important to Pick the Right Size?

Picking the right size truck rental is extremely important when it comes to the best moving experience. If you have a smaller storage space in the truck, you must either leave behind some items or unload everything to make space and rearrange.

However, on the other side, if you get a much bigger one, everything will be broken, damaged, and tossed around by the time you get to your new home.

If you don鈥檛 want to risk getting a moving truck rental and dealing with the moving on your own, you can hire a professional moving team like the H2H Movers. Such a team can pack, load, and take care of the moving truck estimates without you calculating and worrying that the move can go wrong.

Whatever approach you take, you must take into consideration your budget, the volume of items, the distance of the move, and more.