10 Moving Mistakes to Avoid by H2H Moving CompanyIf you are moving for the first time, you might come across some common mistakes. It鈥檚 okay. Moving is a tough process to go through, so making mistakes is only natural. This is why you either hire a professional moving company like the H2H Movers to give you a hand or you do it on your own.

However, we are pleased to discuss common mistakes you might make during moving.

We hope that you enjoy this small guide and it helps you along the way to reaching your new destination.

Not Decluttering on Time and Not Having Packing Materials

One of the core mistakes when moving is to not declutter on time. Not decluttering on time and keeping around stuff you don鈥檛 need is the first mistake you can make. You don鈥檛 need most of your things and it鈥檚 good to go through them and donate or discard the excess.

Remove any type of clutter or have a garage sale before you leave your old place.

Another mistake you commonly make is not having enough packing materials. If you hire a moving company, they have box calculators that estimate how many boxes you need.

You can even keep delivery boxes or ask for such from neighbors and friends. Such packing materials can be acquired for free.

Packing Too Late or Too Early

Packing too late and too early are both mistakes that can influence the entire process of moving. If you pack too late, you might feel rushed at the last minute or forget essential things.

This can also add costs to your budget if you consider using movers for packing, so doing it on your own might save you time and money.

You can even cause damage to some of your stuff if you move them in a hurry.

Packing too early is another issue. If you pack too early, keep in mind that you might need some of the things you have packed. So, don鈥檛 get too excited and pack in a timely manner.

Not Booking Movers Early and Not Paying for Moving Insurance

Not booking movers early enough could be a problem since some seasons are booked in advance. Just like with any appointment, the sooner you do it, the better.

Another issue is not paying for moving insurance since anything can go out of the plan and you must be prepared for it. Items can get damaged or lost in transit easily.

Not Getting Enough Estimates and Not Having a Checklist

Not making a moving checklist and not getting enough estimates is another mistake. The more you research movers, the better ones you are going to get. Plus different estimates can vary from company to company and you can get scammed with fees.

Also, not having a checklist can make things difficult and disorganized. Relying on memory can be a tricky approach, so writing everything down is the best way to go about it.

Not Packing Valuables and Not Securing Parking

Another mistake is not packing valuables the right way since anything that鈥檚 fragile might break in transit.

Using the proper packing materials can save any fine china items or anything sentimental that can break.

Securing the needed parking permits is also a challenge especially when it comes to big cities with busy parking areas.

Make sure that your truck has space to park and that it stays close to your place when moving.

Not Measuring Furniture Properly and Not Labeling the Boxes

Labeling your boxes the wrong way or not labeling them at all is a big issue when moving. You don鈥檛 really know what is where and if you miss labeling fragile items as such, they can come crashing down in transit.

Last but not least, the furniture measurements must be right since the furniture must fit snuggly in your new home. Double-check with the tape measure.