A Guide to Choosing the Right Moving Supplies and Packing SuppliesWhen moving by yourself, picking the right packing and moving supplies can be tricky. There are a lot of them on the market and when you are not a professional, you might get the wrong ones or such with low quality.

However, you get always get a professional movers team like the H2H movers which can help you move your stuff to your new home.

Down below, we prepared a small guide if you are moving on your own to help you get the right tools in order to move safely without issues.

Plan a Budget and Create an Inventory

The first thing is planning the moving budget for everything included in the move and packing supplies are a major part of it.

Try using moving price calculators and make a list of how much using movers will cost and how much to do it on your own.

If you decide to go with professional movers, H2H Movers are your path to an issue and stress-free move. They handle packing and unpacking with the best tools available, so all of your belongings are protected.

Next in line is creating an inventory and writing it down. You can do a closet purge and empty out all of your drawers and cabinets. Go room by room and make sure to write down all quantities.

Creating inventory can be followed by donating what you don鈥檛 need to charities or people in need that you know of.

Streamline the Packing Process

Streamlining the packing process must be done 5 weeks before boxing your stuff and moving. You must pack all non-essential items first like decor, books, and electronics. Then pack all essentials like dinnerware, kitchen stuff, toiletries, clothes, and more.

One month before moving, you must start packing and be careful of all fragile belongings to label them as fragile and handle them with extra care.

Keep any documents separate.

Must-have Moving and Packing Supplies

Without further ado, let鈥檚 get to sorting out our packing and moving supplies list.

When it comes to the packing supplies, you will need boxes, packing tape for sealing them, some packing paper for fragile items and better cushioning, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, plastic bags and labels, some scissors, cleaning supplies after the move, and stretch wrap for wrapping big items.


And if you are wondering what moving tools and equipment to take, it鈥檚 good to get essentials like a rental truck if you are not hiring a moving company.

Getting a trailer for your car is also good if the truck is not big enough. Ramps are also a good idea for trucks that don鈥檛 have them. Check if your truck has bungee cords and if not, get some.

Then, you can get dollies and moving blankets for heavy items and cushion anything that needs a bit of support.

Cargo and lifting straps are fantastic for securing your items in the truck and lifting heavy furniture or kitchen appliances.

Furniture sliders and mattress covers are other great additions to your moving supplies checklist.

This is everything so far when it comes to moving and packing supplies. Have a good move!