Professional packing & unpacking by H2H Movers ChicagoWhen moving to a rental space, it can be quite hard to live with someone else鈥檚 interior choices and designs. However, if you are not a particular fan of your new space, spice it up without ruining the property.

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Change the Room Hardware and Light Fixtures

Changing the kitchen cabinets, outlet covers, doorknobs, switch plates and more can be life-changing and it can freshen up your space.

A good piece of advice is to keep the old ones, so when you move out, replace them and call it a day.

Another standard but important thing to change is the light fixtures since most rentals come with run-down ones. Pick ones that look stylish and suit the interior design and your taste. Make sure that your landlord knows and put the old ones in storage, so you can put them back when you move out.

Purchase Removable Wallpaper and Remove Any Mini Blinds

Removing mini blinds is a good thing to do since most of them are very dingy. Once you remove them, put some good window coverings.

Use curtains or drapes for good privacy and to cover any dirt or molding. Molding is especially common when renting, so it鈥檚 good to have a plan when it comes to covering it.

A fantastic way for covering is also removable wallpaper which is the peel-and-stick one. You can choose between lots of styles and variants to pick the perfect one for each room and setting.

Hang Art and Use Film Stickers for Tiles

Hanging art in a rental house or apartment is such a good way to express yourself. You can do it without nails by using adhesive hooks. Anyone can find different sizes for each budget. Such hooks can handle any type of weight, so your picture doesn鈥檛 get damaged from a fall.

Adhesive film stickers for your tiles are also a good way to cover any worn-out tiles in your kitchen and bathroom space. They are inexpensive and can be removed quickly without leaving any marks.

You can also place area rugs, use decorations, and so much more. Make it your space to live and get creative!

The important thing when moving to a rental home is to keep your mind open and look for all possibilities within the interior design. You can make anything and everything work without breaking the bank or causing damage if you do enough research for designs and ideas.


We hope that our tips and tricks helped you and gave inspiration to those who need it.