How to find a mover guide from H2H MoversFinding reliable movers is tough since there is such a rich variety of moving companies out there. You have to go through hours and hours on end researching and comparing different movers.

However, at the end of the day, it鈥檚 worth it. Such reliable professional ones are H2H Movers. The movers team at H2H Movers is sustained by professionals who will take care of your belongings and handle them with great attention.

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Now, let鈥檚 check out the small guide on finding the best movers for you.

Check Recommendations and Reviews

The first thing you can do is to ask for recommendations from your friends and family who have moved recently. You also ask your colleagues or go ahead and post a question to Facebook groups or ask a real estate agent. Ask around for the costs, if the team was professional, about the customer service, if did they do everything they promised, and more.

Online reviews are another good place to go and don鈥檛 shy away from places like Google Reviews and Yelp. Check if there are poor reviews, what the good ones say, and if there are fake ones, too.

Look Through Their Websites and Speak to Them

Movers’ sites should be easy to understand by providing detailed information on their services alongside some photos or videos. Check out if they listed which cities the company works at and some basic prices for local and long-term moving.

If the company doesn鈥檛 have a website, then this is a big red flag for you to consider and stay away from.

It鈥檚 also essential to get the contacts for the company and visit their office. Talking to a person is important since only reliable companies make it easy for you to reach out to someone from their team to discuss details.

If you feel comfortable after leaving their office and had all of your questions answered, then these movers might be your people.

Ask for the Pricing

You should ask for the local and long-distance moving prices when talking with your moving company.

When we are talking about local move pricing it鈥檚 usually based on the size of the truck, how many people you need, the required time, and used materials.

When it comes to local distance moving, the price mainly comes down to the weight of your belongings and the distance.

Be Aware of Warning Signs

When searching for moving companies, it鈥檚 important to be aware of any warning signs. Such signs can be that the movers don鈥檛 need an on-site inspection to give you an estimate.

The movers can also ask for a massive deposit in cash before coming over.聽 Another red flag is if the company doesn鈥檛 have a local address or you can鈥檛 find a license.


Overall, these are some small tips and tricks on finding good movers, so we hope that we helped out.