How to hire the best moverHiring the best movers should be a stress-free experience, so before signing that contract, you should do good research. If your movers are the right ones, they will take care of your belongings the best way possible from the first moment until the last box has arrived.

We, at the H2H Movers, are these professional movers who can fully understand your needs and cooperate to the best extent possible.

If you need a moving date booked, simply call us and we will talk over the details and schedule the big day.

Down below, we have a small guide on finding the best movers and how to avoid scammers.

Get Estimates and Ask Family and Friends

Ask around people that you trust for recommendations, their experience with such companies and if they have come across any scammers.

Such people can be anyone from your family to coworkers and people in forums or social media.

You should also ask for written estimates and any added fees like stop charges, fuel charges, equipment fees, and more.

Also, ask the movers to come to your house and show them the amount of stuff they need to deal with. If they refuse to come, then it鈥檚 a red flag and you should be looking elsewhere.

Ask for Insurance, Experience, and Service Awards

You should discuss the insurance protection details for your stuff and also ask for references from previous clients. Take the time to go through each one, so you can be absolutely sure that these movers are the right ones.

Also, ask for their experience and look around the web to see if there are any articles about them or comments. The industry is full of unlicensed movers without any experience that can go out of their way to scam people.

A good company should have some credentials or awards from business associations, organizations, or trade groups.

If the movers have a website, they should have listed such achievements on there and any positive reviews as a whole.

Don鈥檛 Rush It All

The bottom line is that you shouldn鈥檛 be rushing the moving process and hiring a moving company. Such a process can be extremely nerve-wracking and it may cost a lot. So, do careful research and decide whether you want certain services to come and deal with moving your entire life from one place to another or not.

If you are unsure about who to hire, always check out the H2H Movers website and see all services. Call us to schedule a meeting, so we can discuss your move in detail and go through each aspect.

Ask us whatever question comes to mind and we will answer right away, so you can get all the information you need.


We wish you happy moving!