Packing services by H2H MoversUsing Cell Boxes with Dividers or Classic Wine Glass Boxes

The most important step when you’re packing your wine glasses is to pick out the right packing boxes. The box you pick must be strong in order to provide support and security for lifting and stacking.
Don鈥檛 use your old wine glass boxes since time makes them thinner and weaker, therefore it will be easy for them to break and let your glasses hit the floor.
If you don鈥檛 want to purchase special wine glass boxes, you can create your own cell boxes with dividers. This is best since you can customize them to the size and shape of your glasses.
When it comes to protecting your wine glasses, it鈥檚 best to use packing paper and cardboard dividers. The packing paper makes a good base so that your glasses don鈥檛 move around a lot.
Another alternative is bubble wrap and you can make a combo of it with packing paper to create a steady base layer in the box.

Packing Each Glass and Securing Boxes

In order to pack your wine glasses, you should pack each one separately. The first thing you should do is to scrunch a bit of packing paper in a ball and stuff it in the wine glass. Make sure that the glass is full and don鈥檛 leave any gaps when you are stuffing it.

Put down some packing paper and wrap it around the glass as you roll it around it.
Finally, fold the ends of the paper at the top and bottom of the glass and make sure that each glass has thick walls around it for more protection. Stack each one in the box properly.
Afterward, you need to secure the moving boxes from the inside by making a base layer of wrapping paper or tissue paper, towels, and such. Then you need to secure it from the outside with packing tape by taping it 2 or 3 times.

You also need to put a FRAGILE sticker on the boxes, so that you or the movers you hire know, that these boxes must be handled with care.
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