H2H Movers can help you with moving your furnitureMoving is such a tough physical process that you either need to be in shape or have the right tools to do it without injuries. This is why the best advice is to hire professional movers like the H2H team that can handle even the toughest moves.

This is especially needed if you are not prepared to lift heavy objects or if you are doing the move alone.

However, if you want to try and move everything by yourself or with friends and family, we have some tips and tricks down below.

Preparation is Key

Just like before a workout, preparing for lifting heavy objects when moving is key. You can do some stretches or some light workouts before going in with the lifting. A moving day can be pretty long and it will make you prone to injuries. Make sure that you drank enough water, and have some energy bars and snacks, so you can have enough strength to pull off the entire day. Before you start lifting, ensure that you are in a safe position. Always stand close to the item, and never bend over. Lift from a standing position by locking your knees. Another way is to go on one knee and lift like this.

Do Proper Lifts and Be Careful

Proper lifting can prevent injuries like spinal injuries or torn ligaments. Sometimes even lifting a simple box can do the most damage. The best lifting techniques are to make sure that the box has distributed weight, to bend at the knees, to never hunch over, and to spread your feet a shoulder length. Make sure that you are breathing in before lifting and exhaling as you lift since this will compress the abdominal muscles and support the spine. Straighten your legs when picking the box up without lifting the torso.

Make sure to have balance when carrying heavy boxes since falls are the most common way for serious injuries to occur. Clear out your way before lifting and moving and wear appropriate shoes. Boots or sneakers are the best footwear. Never wear open-toed shoes.

Know When To Stop

Knowing when to stop is such important advice since straining yourself could lead to really painful injuries. Make sure to take breaks, drink water, have a snack, and continue. Re-evaluate your plan and check if everything is working. Make adjustments when needed. If you feel like you are straining yourself, call someone to take over the lifting. Turn on the AC if it鈥檚 summer and it鈥檚 scorching hot. Still, the best way to avoid common injuries is to hire movers to take over and let you take a breather. Such professionals know the best ways to lift and carry heavy objects without straining their backs and handling them with utmost care. Such professionals are at the H2H Movers, so give them a call and book a date.