H2H Movers are here to help with your Chicago movePaintbrushes are extremely important when moving house since your new home might need to be repainted. Therefore, you need clean brushes to pack so you don’t damage the rest of your belongings with them.

Professional movers might be the answer if you need a helping hand when moving. The H2H Movers team can help you by loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking your belongings. All of this was done with great care, of course.

Down below, we have a small guide on cleaning your paintbrushes so they are usable for the time to come.

Cleaning with a Paint Thinner

Before cleaning the paintbrushes, it’s a good practice to remove all dried paint by running the brush under warm water. The water will thin out the hard surface, and it’s good to do that before cleaning it in more detail. Afterward, you can fill a jar with paint thinner in a well-ventilated room. Then, start stirring the brush in the thinner for 30 seconds. Take as long as you need, so you can have a clean paint-free brush at the end of the process.

A good tip if you have recently used the brush is to immediately soak it in vinegar after painting before the paint dries out. Soak it for an hour, and you will see how the bristle becomes easier to clean. You can even create a solution of water and vinegar to boil and soak the brush in it.

Cleaning Out Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paints are quite difficult to clean out than water-based ones. Always use up appropriate solvents since paint thinner might not be enough. You can use turpentine or mineral spirits for oil-based paint.

Cleaning Paint Rollers

Cleaning out paint rollers happens quite easily as the cleaning of paint brushes. For rollers, you can use a putty knife or a multi-tool with curved edges to scrape the excess paint. After that, you should remove the roller’s cover from the frame and rinse it with water and dish soap. When the water starts running clean, then you have a clean roller. Let it air-dry upright, so its sides don’t get flattened. Cleaning the paint roller frame can be done using sturdy scrub brushes and soap water to remove any dry paint. Rinse the frame thoroughly and let it air dry.

Note: Storing your paint roller in the middle of a project is easy. Just wrap the paint roller in some plastic wrap and place it in the fridge. When you are done with painting, you have to clean the roller, wrap it in plastic, and put it away. It is easy to determine when to dispose of paintbrushes or rollers. If they get worn out, and painting gets harder, it’s time to throw them away.

We hope that our guide helped you, and we wish you happy moving!