Moving house in winter is a challenge by all means since the roads are wet and icy, it鈥檚 extremely cold, and depending on your region, the snow could be up your knees. This is why many families prefer moving in summer and all professional movers are mostly booked during that period. Dates tend to fill up and the prices rise depending on the service and region, of course.

If you are ready for a snowy move, then we at the H2H Movers team are ready, too. Our team specializes in taking care of your belongings whether it comes to packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and more.

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Prepare the Best Time and Weather-Proof Safety

Since winter is pretty much a free season for booking movers, you can request whatever time you feel like it鈥檚 convenient. You might want to have loads of packing time before the actual move. Have your boxes ready for the moving truck and clean the house for the final time.

Have all the flexibility in the world and arrange your moving dates, so you don鈥檛 feel pressured or stressed under any outside conditions.

Another tip is to plan the weather conditions ahead. If it鈥檚 wet and slushy outside, you can place drop cloths or door mats on the floors. If there is ice, place salt on your driveway. If it鈥檚 snowing a lot, you can tarp over the boxes in transit and use any covered walkways or porches. Have a stack of towels ready. Moving can be messy, so don鈥檛 worry. It鈥檚 pretty normal.

Prepare Your Homes and Enjoy the Car Trip

Prepare your houses beforehand, so when the moving truck comes, you will be good to go. Simply, make sure that all utilities are turned on, have your heater going, and have any dropcloths ready. Make sure that the house is all warmed up for the movers when they鈥檙e bringing in and out boxes. You can always make some tea, as well. Once everything is loaded up, make sure that the weather conditions are suitable for driving. Take water, and snacks, and make stops, depending on how long the drive is. Take in the beautiful winter scenery and make future plans for your new home while the drive lasts. If the road is super long, you can always book a hotel room and make it an exciting road trip. Never rush the process since moving must be done safely and planned without additional rush and anxiety.

You can play some games in the car, tell stories, listen to podcasts, and so much more. Your key goal is to have safety on the front line and think of what the new chapter in your life will bring.

We wish you happy moving and if you can鈥檛 seem to handle it all, the H2H Movers are always there to lend a hand.