Moving is less stressful with a good moving companyPacking and moving your home includes a lot of decisions and you get to pick what to pack and what to leave. In our brief guide down below, we will go through a list of items that cannot be moved and will make moving costs less in the long run. Items like massive furniture, old appliances, or old and unuseful things can be skipped, especially if long-distance moving. To get rid of useless items, you can have a garage sale, make donations or sell them online. Gifting to friends is another option.

If you have trouble moving your furniture, you can always hit up the best moving companies like the H2H Movers team to help you. The team can help you pack, unpack, and assemble your stuff with great care.

And without further ado, let’s get straight back into the guide.

Children’s Items and Old Clothes

Stuff like toys and children’s furniture can get worn out or simply grown out of. Unused or worn-out toys can be donated or given to other families to enjoy. We bet that any household with kids has kids’ toys laying around that are never used.

The same goes for unworn or outgrown clothes and shoes that the kids don’t wear anymore. Try to find your local charities and send them to make someone else happy. If you remove all toys and clothes, you will see how quickly your items’ quantity will shrink and you will have plenty of space left.

Bulky Furniture and Old Appliances

Old appliances like extra freezers or dryers and washers can be a lot to take, too when moving away. You can sell them to your landlord or home buyer, even a garage sale can help out. Search for your appliance dealer in your area. Buying new appliances when moving to your new home could be a better idea than almost destroying already rickety ones in transit.

Also, bulky furniture and one that is no longer loved or used that much can be left out when moving. You have to have space in your new home and getting new furniture step by step could be better.

Furniture tends to get a bit damaged in transit and if these pieces are not valuable, it’s not worth the money and worry over it.

Old Mattresses and Tough Items for Moving

Old mattresses MUST be replaced every eight years and if you don’t follow that rule, a move is a good reason to throw that gross old mattress away. Get yourself a shiny new one and if you get same-day delivery, you can enjoy a fresh mattress the day you move.

Other items to get rid of are tough for moving like delicate glass items, big musical instruments, and more. Not that professional movers can handle a piano but if it doesn’t have any value to you, you can have more space for valuable items. Let’s say if you have old instruments like a piano lying around, you can give them to a school, for example.

With that, we conclude our brief guide on what to leave when moving house. Check out our blog for more content.