H2H Movers Can Help You PackDishes are one of the most basic and fragile items in a home, so they could be a challenge thanks to their material and awkward shape. You most likely have a big pile of all sorts of pots, pans, bowls, cups, silverware, glasses, plates, saucers, and more before your moving day to pack. It鈥檚 a good idea to leave the main dishes until the last minute and start with the ones you never use like sentimental silverware or fine china. If you need a helping hand with handling such fine items, you can always count on professional movers from H2H Movers to load, unload, pack, and unpack such things.

Down below we have a small guide on how to do that the right way and not get anything damaged if you are doing it on your own. Read more ahead!

Getting the Right Moving Supplies

For moving silverware and dishes, you will need dish boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. For example, dish boxes are not your typical box but they usually have a double layer of cardboard and they give the dishes more protection. You can also find them under the name dish packs or dish barrels. Packing paper, packing tape, and bubble wrap are no brainers and they can hold together your dishes in transit while keeping them safe and sound. Also, purchase the ones with the best quality since poor-quality packing tape can easily rip and cause all of your plates to fall out of the taped box.

Wrapping Your Dishes: Tips and Tricks

To wrap your dishes, you have to follow a few simple steps. The first thing to do is to spread the packing paper on a table and wrap your dish with it. Then, wrap the dish in a box on its edge. Then, once you have some wrapped dishes at the bottom of the box, add more packing paper and bubble wrap in between, so you can start with another layer on top. Make sure that there are no gaps in the box. You can even shake the box a little so you can see if there is any movement. If there isn鈥檛 just put a layer of bubble wrap on top and tape the lids. Label the box, add a FRAGILE sticker and repeat the process with the rest of the dishes.

Packing Other Fragile Items 101

Of course, there are other types of fragile items except for dishes that need to be packed. If you are packing fine china, you will need a sturdy cardboard box, pack the glasses upright and place the fragile plate vertically. Then, fill the gaps with packing paper and use partitions for stemware. Label the box as FRAGILE and continue with the rest. For artwork and picture frames, you should pack each piece of art vertically in your boxes and load them in the truck. You can use furniture pads and cover with cardboard. Also, fill the gaps with bedding or clothing.

If wine bottles are next on your packing list, you must pack your corked wine bottles upside down, so the cork will dry. Get some boxes that can hold 12 bottles at once and get ones with dividers so the bottles can stay put. Tape the bottom of the boxes with packing tape and load them in the truck.

Generally, this is all of the advice in brief about packing fragile items. If in doubt, you can always get movers to help. We wish you happy moving!