When considering moving with your family, you might want to know the types of homes out there, so you can think through your options. Here at H2H Movers, we know the most common types of homes and what families they are mostly suitable for. And since when moving, you might need some help, you can always count on the H2H Movers team for backup if needed.

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Most Popular House Styles

As the architectural style and time have changed and progressed, you can definitely see a change in the styles of homes available on the market. Down below you can find small descriptions of homes that you can commonly see.

Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes

Single-family houses are the most popular types of homes that you can see and think of. They are usually detached from the surrounding houses and have a front yard, backyard, and garage. These are very popular options with families since they need more space. On the other side, multi-family houses are meant to be for a big group of people or one family. A typical building is an apartment building that is seen as a multi-family home but also a house with more dwellings is a multi-family home. Families that are multi-generational and live together usually choose this type of housing.


Condos are usually the best option for families with older children since the space is not as big as the aforementioned homes. Condos are usually a part of a bigger unit and the owner of one condo needs to share the space with the owners of the other condos. Such places usually have shared amenities like gyms and pools.


Apartments are units inside a building that people can own or rent. When renting, the tenants rent the apartment from the landlord, and the landlord is responsible for repairing or upgrading the leased unit. Some apartment buildings have common area extras like gyms, pools, or laundry rooms. Usually, the most popular types of homes are single-family houses and apartments since they are the perfect place for families with one to two children.


Townhomes are multi-floor houses with their own entrances, kitchen spaces, and bathrooms. Such homes share two walls with their neighbors unless the home is at the end of the building.

Generally, these are all types of homes that are available on the market and they are one of the most loved ones by far from families of all sizes. We hope that we helped with this small guide and happy moving with the movers from the H2H team!