H2H Movers Chicago can help you with your moveWhen you move in with your partner it could be exhilarating but at the same time frustrating since you have to create your perfect home together. This means combining your styles and finding the perfect balance between your ideas, likes, dislikes, and visions for the coziest home. If you need help moving out with your furniture, you can ask the H2H Movers to help you with loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, and handling your belongings with utmost care and love.

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If you are willing to do it all yourself plus figuring out the interior decor, then check out these tips down below to help you out.

Declutter and Discuss

The first step is decluttering both of your homes in which you have lived the last few years. You have probably accumulated a lot of stuff, so you should sort through it carefully and thoughtfully. Whatever you decide not to keep, you can donate, sell or even give to your friends and family. If you have items that are in bad shape, you can simply throw them away in recycling bins or find another way to get rid of them with nature in mind. You can use a season like spring for spring cleaning and minimize your possessions, so moving can be a bit less stressful.

Texture, Colour, and Transitional Elements

You have to discuss your mainly used textures, colors, and transitional elements. When we talk about transitional elements specifically, these could be materials and details that could be a good neutral element to any style or design choice. Such elements are wood accents for flooring and walls. Many people use them to blend the styles of different rooms in their homes which is always a good idea. Plus wood creates a very cozy atmosphere. Textures and colors are other principles of interior design that could change a room from being very modern to rustic, from neutral colors to a bright palette, and more. Fabrics for the bed and sofas like knit and fur work wonders and also the mixing and matching textures and colors of your curtains could be a great accent. Combining different textures adds depth and style to the room. You can use social media like Pinterest and create a board there with pictures of your favorite rooms, styles, and ways to make your home more beautiful. You can even find Youtube videos of recycling old furniture items with a little paint and other materials to resemble pricier and newer furniture.

Once you have settled on your interior decor, you can then start searching for the best pieces for your home.

Generally, these were our tips and tricks for trying to combine your styles with your partner and making your home cozy and good-looking. If you need help with moving your new and old furniture, you can contact a team of movers like the H2H Movers to give a hand.