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Should You Defrost Your Fridge and How to Do it?

Defrosting your fridge depends on how far you will be moving, so if you move small distances, then there is no danger of the ice melting in transit. This is of course if you already have a block of ice in the fridge. Once you disconnect the fridge and put it in the moving truck, it will immediately start melting, especially if you are moving in hot weather.

However, if your move is more than 30 minutes away, then you should definitely defrost the fridge. You can use the automatic defrosting options of your fridge but if yours doesn鈥檛 have them, then we can tell you how to do it. It鈥檚 very simple.

You can defrost a fridge by taking out all of the food, unplugging the fridge, and planning at least 8 hours in order for it to defrost. You will have to plan handling the water that will start flowing once the ice melts away.

How Long Does a Refrigerator Defrost?

You should plan at least 8 to 10 hours for your fridge to defrost completely. You can find ways to speed up the process like putting a dish with boiling hot water in and closing the door or just using a hairdryer. You can also use a hot cloth with alcohol on it and place it on the ice to loosen it up. You can concentrate on the little pieces and see how the frost starts melting immediately. It works best for thin layers of frost. And finally, the most popular method is scraping the ice with an ice scraper, a wood spoon, or a plastic spatula. However, be very careful when doing it so you don鈥檛 hurt yourself or the fridge.

Generally, these were all the tips on defrosting your fridge in the best way possible and making it suitable for moving.