Chicago Moving Services by H2H MoversYou probably have friends and family that keep telling you very weird stories about hiring professional movers and most of the time they are exaggerating.

You can easily start overthinking and end up complicating your entire journey with a moving company. Therefore, this will lead to delaying your moving date and make everything stressful.

Simply, take a deep breath and do your own research before jumping to conclusions. To make sure that nothing goes wrong, our movers at H2H Movers can help you when it comes to moving. They can handle the packing and unpacking, loading, and unloading plus having a personal approach to each move.

You can contact them via the contact details on the H2H website.

Now, let鈥檚 see what the big scary myths about movers hold to this day.

Damaged Items and Zero Organization

Some people falsely believe that during a moving process, items might get damaged. This is not true since moving companies with years in the industry know pretty well how to use padding and sliders, so no furniture item is damaged or harmed.

However, if an accident does occur or items go missing, you can always use your coverage options with the moving company you have as well as your home insurance.

Another very wrong assumption is that you don鈥檛 need to label your items and boxes. This is false and if you want to make the work easier for the movers, you must label everything to make unpacking faster and more efficient.

Label the fragile items in your home, so the movers won鈥檛 stack a set of heavy history books on top of your grandma鈥檚 crystal glasses. A color-coding system is also good where you have a color for each category when you label boxes.


The generalization of professional movers is the most common myth when it comes to professional movers. Most people think that all companies are the same but the truth is they vary in a lot of aspects. Aspects like pricing, experience level, safety level, reputation, and reliability make a difference.

Just make sure that you evaluate your moving company before the move begins, so you know that they have the right set of skills and equipment to do the job right.

DIY Moving and Wrong Time Period Assumptions

Another very wrong assumption is that moving yourself will be cheaper in the long run but all of the materials and equipment that you have to find yourself won鈥檛 be. You will waste precious time instead of saving it by hiring the right movers to help you out.

Moreover, you will have pairs of extra hands that can handle everything professionally and therefore making the whole process seamless and fast.

The final big assumption is that people often think that the right time period to move is weekends and Fridays. The downside is that everyone thinks that most movers will be busy these days. You can end up with some moving company that won鈥檛 be the desired one and botch the entire moving process.

Instead, just book your movers during the week afternoons or mornings.

Generally, these are all of the common myths debunked when it comes to professional movers, so we hope we cleared the air a bit. Happy moving!