Spring has sprung and it鈥檚 only natural as the weather gets better that you should want to go out with the kids more.

But what kind of activities can you do with them? Indoors and outdoors? This is the question right now.

Whether it鈥檚 at your new apartment that you have moved in now or you go away for the weekend, those kiddos need to be occupied accordingly.

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Make Bubbles

Making bubbles is a loved activity by many kids of any age. For DIY bubble making, you will only need dish soap, water, and glycerine and once you mix it all together, you can go outside and play in the sun.

You can try a fun game where one blows the bubbles and the players try to pop as many as they can while music is playing. Once the music stops, the players must freeze in place. The one who doesn鈥檛 freeze is out and the game continues until there is one player left.

You can pair the bubble making with a flower-themed party where the kids can help make flowers into decor.

Scavenger Hunt

You can do a spring scavenger hunt where you can make a list of things that nature brings around springtime and then go out on a hunt and collect a sample of each one.

For a little competition, you can create two lists, split into teams, and race to see who will get everything faster.

Once you get tired of running around, you can sit and create a magic potion made of natural ingredients like petals, leaves, and berries, and mix everything together with a bit of water.

Then pour the mix into the garden and enchant it to grow faster.

Grow Vegetables and Make a Birdhouse

The other two cute activities could be making a birdhouse and growing some vegetables. You can get some DIY kits for growing vegetables and herbs from your local supermarket, get some pots, and start planting with the kids.

For making a birdhouse, you can find tons of ideas around the Internet and you can get as creative as possible.

Once you are all done with the house, you can get some seed mix packs and wait for the birdies that will start coming around eventually.

Spring is such a magical time for everyone it will be a waste not to spend it with your family out in the sun, so grab that explorer hat and start chasing the first sun rays.


We hope that you found this guide helpful and have a good spring! Remember that if you need help with moving, then you can count on the H2H movers.