Are you going to buy or rent a new home? This is one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life, so you should carefully make your choice.

In the brief guide down below, we gathered some of the most popular types of homes and why they are suitable for certain families and people.

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So what are the most popular house styles?

Recently, the architectural style has significantly progressed, and you can see that there are many types of homes around the block. However, in this jungle of concrete and bricks, we have to figure out our perfect home to spend our life in it.

Down below, we present the most common types of houses and how they can be suitable for different types of households.

Single and Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family homes can house a massive group of people or one big family. One example of such a home is an apartment building. Also, homes with multiple dwellings are considered multi-family homes.

Usually, multi-generational households go after such houses since there is plenty of space for everyone.

On the other hand, the single-family homes are the most stereotypical houses you can imagine- a house with a front yard, a backyard, and a garage. Usually, such a house is detached from its neighboring houses.

Such a home is common for most average families since it provides plenty of space for kids and pets like dogs, for example. And who wouldn’t want to sip a cup of coffee in the late summer afternoon in their backyard?

Are condos popular types of homes?

Condos are an excellent option for families with a little bit older kids and those who don’t need that much space. Usually, such homes are part of a bigger unit, and the owner of such part has to share the space with the owners of the other units within it.

Condos also share gyms and pools.

Typically, the most popular homes in the USA, for example, are single-family homes. Of course, depending on your location and neighborhood, you might find some condos or the multi-family homes.

Generally, these are the most popular types of homes, and you can decide what you want and how much space you really need. No matter what you choose, it will always go down to what feels more like a home to you and your close ones. And once you find it, you can contact our team of residential movers to help you with your furniture.

Happy moving!