Furniture moving by H2H Movers IncMoving in with friends sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You get to live with your best friend and have the best roommate ever! However, this decision has some pros and cons, and we are here to list some of them.

Of course, you can always count on residential movers like the H2H Movers team to help you out when you move in with your best buddy.

For now, let’s dive into the reasons to move in and not move in with your friends and decide which fits you more.

Why Should You Move in with Friends?

There are many pros as to why you should move in with your friends, and down below, we have a couple of them.

Living Expenses

The first one is sharing living expenses such as rent, bills, groceries, and more. This is an excellent way for many young adults to kick off their independent life in the big city without going broke. This will save you hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis, and you will finally be able to live away from your parents. When moving out with a friend to save money, a pro tip is to find old furniture from seller websites. Of course, to save the hustle, you can spend a bit of cash on a cheap movers chicago company.

With that, the shared responsibilities also come as you will decide who will do the household chores and create a schedule for them. The bottom line is to work together so you can keep your living space good enough for living in it.

Relying on and trusting somebody

When times get tough, or you feel bored, it’s always good to know that you have your roommate, a.k.a, your best bud, to rely on.

You can trust them for living with them as opposed to some stranger that might be a bit weird or creepy.

You can live in your home knowing that there is someone there to have a laugh and not be completely alone in it.

And last but not least, your friendship will only get stronger each day if all the stars are aligned in your everyday life. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

Why You Shouldn’t Move in with Friends?

And as to all things, there are some cons to moving in with friends which hopefully won’t turn you away from making that decision.

Awkward Moments and No Privacy

The biggest cons to moving in with your friends are the lack of privacy and the awkwardness that might come in and out of your lives.

Of course, everyone has their low moods or they simply want to be alone for a while or with someone special.

The awkwardness will also spark up, especially if you come across your friend in the bathroom or on the toilet. Again, the topic of inviting a romantic partner could be the most significant awkward moment, so set aside some boundaries and minimize weird situations.

If you don’t set some boundaries, you might ruin the friendship, whether that’s over minor arguments or small things that build up over time.

Always communicate your issues and stop leaving your socks on the bathroom floor or leaving toothpaste marks on the toilet sink.


Work it out, and you will have a great time with your buddy living together and creating memories. And as always, if you need help with moving out, turn to a home moving service like the H2H Movers team.