H2H Movers are here to help with your Chicago moveIf you are one of those people that like being in the office rather than staying home office, then you might want to decorate your desk/space to make it homier. This can go many ways, and you can try different things until you find the ones you like.

Decorating can be with small things like a nice mug, some print art, or you can get some plants. If you are using more extensive decor (for example, if you have your own office room at work), you can always count on the H2H Movers Chicago team to help you move the big plants or paintings if you may.

You can check the H2H Movers website for more details here.

Now let’s see what YOU can do to make your office space brighter and better.

Add Wall Decor and Plants

By adding wall decor and plants, you add a little something of yourself. By adding plants, you can freshen up your workspace with fresh flowers, succulents, fake plants, or anything that makes your desk feel homier. Always, always make sure that there is water nearby and you water the plants regularly.

Add more plants if you want and place them somewhere that has lots of natural sunlight in order for them to survive and thrive.

And adding wall decor is one of the easiest tasks ever. You can add photos of loved ones, a wall grid panel to hang notes and photos on, inspiring quotes in picture frames, and more. If bigger paintings are added, you can always use movers to bring them to your office and hang them.

There is truly no limit.

Use Cute Cups, Planners, and Stationery

Using cute mugs and tumblers could go a long way when you are stuck in your office the whole day. You can choose from customized ones to those from furniture shops or handmade ones from small businesses. The same goes with fun stationery like calendars, note pads, pens, pencils, etc. Spruce up your desk space by adding a bit of color and fun into the mix.

The last thing you can do is get a cool planner to add all of your meetings and tasks into. This way, you will feel more organized and tick off all of your jobs for the day.

Some people create their own planners, and others get ready-made ones with stickers and other additions to them.

With many websites like Etsy, you can get so many options and make your desk a dream.

Organize Your Desk

Organizing your desk can make you feel so much more productive and organized. You can remove all the papers and sort them out. You can also put away all the stationery clutter into acrylic organizers.

Just keep the chaos from around you because it will move into your brain and make you feel anxious and stressed.

If there are years worth of clutter and you need new furniture pieces with drawers for organization, then you can call up one of the full-service moving companies like H2H Movers to help you assemble them.


With that, we can safely wrap up this small guide and hope that you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more content.