Chicago is portrayed as one of the most romantic cities in the region of the American Midwest since it has many leisure options and tons of urban landscapes. Parks on the shores of Lake Michigan and many activities bring all couples to have some alone time in a romantic scenery.

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Now, let’s check out the best romantic places in Chicago for you and your partner and make your honeymoon or weekend getaway unforgettable.

Explore the Navy Pier and Lake Michigan

The Navy Pier is great for entertainment and dining, and you can try out the legendary Centennial Wheel, which overlooks Lake Michigan. This Ferris wheel offers an excellent private experience. Also, you can go on the VIP gondola with a glass floor and plush seating to enjoy the pretty view.

The attractions are open every day from 10 am to 8 pm so don’t miss out.

And as we are talking about Lake Michigan, you can sail across it via ship cruises and yachts. Among the ships, you can find the best ones like the Windy of Chicago and the Manitou, which set sail from the Navy Pier during the day and night.

By sailing the lake, you can explore the city’s architecture and skylines.

Explore Michigan Avenue or go to Chicago Theatre

袝xplore Michigan Avenue by taking a ride in one of the carriages with big Amish workhorses that stroll the Avenue day and night. This attraction is perfect for sightseeing, or why not pop the big question.

You can also cuddle up in a blanket and enjoy the Windy City under the sparkling stars.

Another attraction is a Broadway show at the Chicago Theatre inside of the magnificent interior, the gilded decor, and the crystal chandeliers. The space is heavily inspired by the Royal Chapel at the Versailles Palace.

The theatre has evening shows starting at 7 pm.

Bikes & Helicopters in Chicago

You can create your romantic getaway in Chicago by helicopter or bike. Tour the city by helicopter as a pilot narrates as you fly over the Windy City’s landmarks. You can experience this during the day and during the night. Nighttime is so magical as the million city lights spark like glitter in the sky.

The experience is open from 9 am to 10 pm every day.

Another way you can enjoy Chicago is to tandem biking along the lakefront trail.

Chicago is a great city to cycle at, and the best location is definitely the Chicago lakefront trail which is 20 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan. Tandem biking is especially fun for couples. You receive your bike, free helmets, free locks, and some maps to help you explore the city better.

Cocktails and Fine Dining

The Green Mill Jazz Club is a fantastic place to enjoy some good cocktails. The bar is located on Broadway Street, and it’s one of the favorite places of Al Capone. The bar has excellent food and delicious cocktails with a sprinkle of live jazz.

You can spend the entire evening indulging in music and good drinks with your favorite person.

Another place to dine is on top of the John Hancock building at Downtown, in the Signature Lounge. The place is located on the 95th floor, and it offers great sunsets and a romantic setting.

What more could you possibly want?


In short, these were some of the ways you can enjoy the romantic side of Chicago with your significant other. Valentine’s Day is coming, so better plan ahead.