H2H Movers is here to help you with all things movingThe new year always brings us new hope and new dreams and, for some homeowners and renters, new ideas for their interior design at home.

Of course, as always, you can rely on the H2H team to help you out on moving in and out your new decor pieces or furniture if you get inspired by this article.

You can contact the team on their website and see if you can set up a moving day to arrange your beautiful home.

But before contacting the H2H team, let’s take a brief look over the interior trends that will occupy 2022 without a doubt. Keep reading!

Bedroom sanctuary & Green Palettes

Simplifying your bedroom by using soothing colors, many layers of textures, and mood lighting are the key to having good rest in 2022.

Especially as bedrooms can sometimes be our home office, we have to make sure that the room is nice and soothing.

Invest in some good cushions, bedding, blackout curtains, and a lovely bedside table. You must have enough room on the table for a glass of water and a book without any devices around. Remember, if you can keep work out of this space, it would work wonders.

You can use oatmeal, beige, and biscuit accents on the walls and the furniture. Throw in some rugs and implement wool for a snug feel.

And speaking of colors, green shades are much needed through 2022 for a calm and relaxing retreat at home away from COVID news and social media.

Nature makes its way into our homes by terracotta, timber, olive walls, green sofas, rugs, and plants.

Note that an all-green room might be a bit too much, so you can put in the color through decor, prints, and cushions.

Cottagecore and Colorful Kitchens

If you are heavily influenced by TikTok and Instagram or a big Taylor Swift fan, then you know about cottagecore.

To give you a recap on cottagecore, it’s basically a romanticized life in the country where floral prints, organic textures, and painted surfaces are much loved.

So you can get inspired by Pinterest by looking through those dreamy and cozy living rooms with wildflowers and baked apple pies.

And if you want to bring some color to your cottagecore kitchen, where most of the design is muted and filled with wooden pieces, you can go for a drop of color.

Colored kitchens bring hope, joy, and optimism to 2022.

You can find not only green, blue, and neutral kitch械n walls but also colorful stoves, cabinets, and kitchen islands. Cabinets can also vary in shades to create an entertaining space.

Colors can make a space become modern, retro, or traditional, depending on what mood you are in.


Generally, 2022 gathers something old and something new for the interior design of our homes and brings it on a plate. We hope that you have a great 2022, and stay tuned!