During challenging mental and physical periods in our lives, the gym could help out a lot. And for those lucky ones that have some gym equipment in their home and it’s time to move house, this article is for you.

Any equipment could be tricky to move, and workout equipment is in the first position regarding weight, size, and more.

If you don’t want to handle the task yourself, you can hire the H2H Movers team to give you a hand with your treadmill and yoga mat. You can contact the team through their website and talk about the moving dates.

But if you want to do it all on your own, there are some tips and tricks down below for you to go through and give them a thought. Read more.

Small Equipment

The first thing you should do when moving your home gym is organize the small equipment. Stuff like medicine balls, hand weights, yoga blocks, yoga mats, and others are easier to deal with. First, sort out your weight sizes and don’t worry about the boxes. Just get some sturdy and strong ones, label them nicely, and start loading them to your rented truck or car to the new location.

Large Gym Equipment

Once you pack up and sort through the small equipment, it’s time to tackle the more significant gym equipment. This equipment could be dangerous to lift and pack by yourself, so we strongly suggest hiring movers to help out. However, the least dangerous thing you can do to prepare it is to read the instructions for each piece on how to handle it.

For example:


You simply have to unplug it and secure and coil the cord with a zip tie. Then, tape your cord to the treadmill base. Then, fold the treadmill and secure it with tape and zip ties. Lastly, give it to your movers to handle for your pure safety.

Weightlifting Machines

The way to move a weightlifting machine is to dismantle it by saving all parts, screws, and fasteners in plastic bags. This is a task for a professional, so be mindful and call up the H2H team to handle such bulky equipment.

Stationary Bicycle and Elliptical Machine

For stationary bicycles, you have to secure the moving parts with a bungee cord. You have to unplug electric bikes and coil, fix the cord with zip ties, and tape it to the bicycle body.

And for elliptical machines, you have to take them apart, pack them and reassemble them. This could be very awkward and difficult, so the H2H Movers team could come in and do it safely and without damage to the equipment.

In conclusion, packing and moving gym equipment could be a challenging task, and even though we are sure you are strong and brave enough to tackle it, professional help might become essential.

Happy moving!