The concrete jungle of the big city is something very exciting and very frightening for the people from the suburbs. With the city, you naturally get many opportunities but you can easily get lost in its size. Being overwhelmed is normal and down below we got you some tips and tricks on making it easier. If you want to make it, even more, easier, just call our team at H2H Movers to help you out with the move by packing, unpacking, and sorting through your belongings with great care. Contact the team from the website right here.

And now let鈥檚 get back to giving you tips on how to be calm and collected during your big move.

Smaller Housing and Bigger Prices

The big city means downsizing quite a lot. The main theme throughout living in the big city is that you pay more for less. Whether it comes to renting or buying. You can spend a lot more money on housing for a smaller space than what you would spend in the suburbs.

By saying that, this means that you have to take fewer things since you will have limited space.

You can simply get a storage unit for everything that won鈥檛 fit in your new place like big furniture or any other stuff.

This also means not being tempted to get bigger spaces because a bigger space means more bills and expensive maintenance.

Stick to what you can afford in the future.

The city generally has higher prices on utilities, bills, gas, food, rent, so check if there is a storage unit outside of the city for a better price.


If you are used to your car, you might have to leave it at home. With so much traffic in the big city and no space to park, you鈥檒l soon find driving very unpractical.

So, you might as well start exploring public transportation like streetcars, subways, buses, sky trains, Uber, and others. You can still use your car for trips outside of the city, so don鈥檛 throw it aside. Plus using public transport is great for the environment.

Making Friends and Having Fun

The city is not all about negative sides. It has so much excitement to offer like new friends, new places, new activities, and so much more.

On the topic of having new friends, you might notice that city people are also rushing, not smiling or saying hello, and you might find it hard to have new friends. But you can visit local pubs and places to meet up with everyone after work.

Even though suburb people tend to be friendlier and always there to help, city folks are also quite cool. They are just ALWAYS late to work, to a meeting, for a task, and more.


We hope this little guide gave you insight into moving from the suburbs to the city. We wish you a happy move!