When the Christmas holidays come around and Mariah Carey blasts all over your town, it鈥檚 normal to feel not so Christmassy at times. This is why we have a small guide on feeling that Christmas spirit faster than ever.

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So, once you are all moved into your new home and ready to take out the Christmas tree and decorate it, it鈥檚 time to talk about feeling festive.

Festive Drinks

Make yourself some festive drinks like mulled wine, hot chocolate with cinnamon, or order a festive drink from your local cafe.

Simply breathe in the aromas and the spices that surround the holidays and it can definitely give you a serotonin boost towards the Christmas spirit.

Not to mention, you can also get some tangerines since they smell exactly like a warm Christmas eve with the whole family.

Make some traditional Christmas food from your region and enjoy the warmth of the kitchen, the fogged windows, and the (possible) snow falling outside.

You can even put on some Christmas music while you cook or an old Christmas movie. Cheer yourself up!

DIY Decor

You can do some DIY decor alone or with your kids and partner to get into the Christmas spirit. Take some cardboard, markers and look at some tutorials on the Internet. Soon enough you will have great Christmas decor with a few simple materials.

Let鈥檚 not forget the magic of creating a gingerbread house. Buy a set for a gingerbread house from your local supermarket and begin decorating and putting the pieces together.

It鈥檚 so easy, affordable and anyone can do it.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a fun way for you to embrace the Christmas spirit in its full power. If you have one near your house, go to it. You can enjoy hot drinks, comfort food, and festive concerts and schedules designed to keep you and your family in the spirit.

Get some beautiful handmade ornaments or buy something from the charity stands.


Christmas is a time for giving and why not get into the Christmas spirit with some charity work. Whether it鈥檚 giving money, going to sing carols for the elderly, or planting a tree, it鈥檚 time to be kind and think of others.

Nothing can make you feel better than doing a good deed for Christmas. Seriously, no amount of mistletoe or gifts can beat the feeling of seeing someone happy because of your actions.


Generally, Christmas is a time of inspiration and good spirits, so we hope that this brief guide has given you some of that inspiration. Enjoy the festive season as much as possible and have fun! We wish you happy holidays!