Christmas 2021 is right around the corner, and despite what the year brought us, we want to put on some beautiful Christmas decor, make some hot cocoa, and snuggle near the fire. After all, it’s the Home Alone season.

And when talking about homes, we can’t miss out on putting some of the simplest and beautiful Christmas decorations. Nothing big and bright.

Note that if the holiday season brings you moving of the house, you can always count on the H2H movers’ team to help you. Just like the true helpers of Santa, the team will make your dreams come true and be there on the way to your new home.

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Now that we have cleared this out of the way let’s talk about some tips on decorating minimalistic and straightforward for this festive season.

Neutral and Natural

Keeping your decorations neutral is key to having a minimalistic and beautiful decoration. Simply try to find decor that accentuates a natural color scheme but with a special holiday theme going on. Gold elements could work wonders and gently and nicely add to the Christmas spirit.

Another tip is to get some branches from a Christmas tree and put on some ornaments and maybe some dried orange slices. This can bring a magical aroma into any room without buying diffusers and such.

One Color Palettes with a Pop of Colour

It’s a good idea to stick with one color palette or just one color in different variations for the Christmas tree and house. For ornaments and decor, it works wonders with some string of white lights.

You can also put in some neutral metallics like gold and silver baubles and trinkets to add some texture.

Paper is another fundamental way of decorating. You can use some ribbons, garlands, and such to your tree or staircase if you live in a house, and many other ways.

Recycled Presents

We are not talking about getting recycled bottles and boxes to your friends. We are talking about keeping some of the boxes from Christmas presents deliveries and wrapping them up in one-colored wrapping paper. Then, just put them under the tree, so they can fill the space and look toned down. Some boxes under the Christmas tree definitely add a final touch to the festivities and make it cozier.

Generally, these are our small tips for making your Christmas decor this year humble and beautiful. This year, there is no need for massive decor purchases since presents are already a handful on your bank account.

Make this Christmas cozy, bright, merry, and warm with hot cups of tea and cocoa, movies, building gingerbread houses, and having fun with the fam!

Happy holidays from the H2H team!