Since there is no one better to give you tips than professional movers, we asked the H2H movers about the very best advice they can give you about moving.

Of course, they had tons and tons of input on the subject as people who go through many homes each day and encounter different moving processes.

Below, we compiled the essential tips and tricks on making the whole move easier when a professional team of movers is on their way to help.

You can contact the team via their website to ask questions or book your day for moving with them.

Make Sure that the Movers are Licensed

You must always ensure that your movers have the needed licensing and certificates to back up their training.

Never hire companies that don’t have the needed licensing since they can damage your belongings and cost you lots of money.

If you want to see the H2H Movers certificates, you can check out this link where all documents are stored.

If you think that just anyone can do that job, you are not right. You must do such complex tasks with the needed knowledge of professionals.

Be Prepared

Be prepared before the movers come in to take care of your belongings. You can start by prepping up and packing some of the easiest things or labeling some boxes.

This is not something that’s a must, but if you feel like doing this will make you feel more relaxed, you can do it.

You can organize some boxes by size and take out some markers to label them by room, like boxes for the living room or bedroom, etc.

The H2H Movers will then pack up and professionally move out all of your stuff, so nothing gets damaged or ruined along the ride.

Disassembling and Disconnecting

You can make it easier for everyone if you decide to disassemble your beds. This could come easy as you only need some allen wrenches and a screwdriver. With houses that have more than two beds, this could be handy. However, if you don’t have the strength to do it, let the H2H team handle it all for you.

The last piece of advice is to disconnect your dryer and washer with a screwdriver and some vice grips. Just turn off the water, unscrew the hoses, pull the drain hose, and unplug. This is for the washer. For the dryer, you just need to disconnect the exhaust hose and the power cord.

Generally, these were some tips and tricks from our fellow H2H movers’ team. As you saw from the video, our professionals don’t stop at anything, and customers are more than happy. With so many positive reviews, the H2H Movers team continues to be a part of your journey to your new homes.