Moving is less stressful with a good moving company

Every house has some old porcelain figurines left there by grandparents and holds many memories of a careless childhood. However, when it comes to moving homes, such items are very fragile, and you can easily damage them.

You can hire movers to help you out with the move, like the H2H team, who can handle the packing & unpacking, loading & unloading and more.

Check out the H2H Movers website and contact them so that they can help out. If you want to do it on your own, we have some tips and tricks on packing and properly transporting your figurines. Read more to find out!

Go Through Everything

The first step towards packing your figurines is to go through them and let go of any broken ones or ones you don’t like anymore. You can sort through them by size, so you can have a brief idea of what types of boxes to get for your figurines.

Then, you must get the appropriate packing materials like bubble wrap, moving boxes, packing paper, packing peanuts, and finally, tape.

You must get the proper sizes of your boxes as big ones can damage your items because there is space for them to move around. If you have boxes that are too small, the pressure from the box sides could crush the delicate porcelain.

Keep in mind that the packing materials you wrap your figurines in will add more volume inside the box.

Create Protective Layers

The next step is to start creating your protective layers in the box. You must start with packing paper as the first one. Wrap your figurines in the blank packing paper so no ink can transfer to the porcelain and ruin its color.

Then, you must create a second layer of bubble wrap. Wrap each figurine in bubble wrap and make sure they are fully covered in it for maximum protection. Secure the bubble wrap with tape. Don’t let the tape touch the porcelain because it will make it sticky and ruin it.

Put the Figurines in Boxes

Finally, it’s time to transfer your items to the boxes, and you can do that by putting extra packing materials in the empty spaces in the boxes.

Then, you should do a quality packing test and check double or triple if your figurines are intact.

You can now label all of your boxes by putting FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE stickers on all sides.


There are all of our tips and tricks for packing your precious porcelain figurines and keeping them in good shape until they arrive in their new home.

We wish you a happy move! We hope your move is made without any stress and obstacles. If you wish for such a move, don’t hesitate and contact the H2H Movers right now!